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  • New Shipping Policy

    General Discussion Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • ES
    Eviebor S S
    If i receive 10 orders a day, and DHL is my preferred shipper, does that mean i have to pay 10k to DHL at the point of shipping/dropoff assuming i charge 1k per order ?
    Secondly, how long does a case remain in Arbitration even after issue has been resolved. No returns, neither is there payment to merchants account.
    Please advise accordingly


  • Eucharia O B
    Posted 4 years ago
    @Eviebor, Since You are going to pay per weight of item, DHL will determine how this is weighed,
     After a case is resolved, You and / or the customer should call Konga customer care to confirm case has been resolved. it will be taken off arbitration.

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