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  • New payment delay methods to frustrate merchants the more

    Payment Created 2 years ago | Updated 2 years ago
  • Es
    Esohwode s S
    I am particularly disappointed so far with new tricks designed by konga in a bit to hold merchants money more. First it was the creation of konga wallet,where money leaves your escrow and stays in your wallet for another 24hours before leaving for kongapay. usually when i get a message from kongapay like '' You have requested the sum of---- to be paid to you bank account'' within a few hours the money will reflect on my bank account. but for the past one week,i had to call several times to plead with konga to send my money to my bank account. Please be informed that i know how to initiate a payout from my kongapay.com to my bank account.Even though the system is automatic and requires no intervention before the money is debited from your kongapay to my bank account., while take eternity for such funds to be credited.? i have read where you say whenever there is such delay in this regard is due to network glitch from the customer's bank account. if this is the case,why is the money not return back to the customer's kongapay account to enable the merchant do manual cash request to bank.?  while the money is hanging in the air for days if you try ''pay to bank'' from kongapay you get insufficient fund message. who is fooling who.?  am very disappointed by the level of unprofessional-ism exhibited by konga team. You take eternity to update successful delivery , i have had cases where my shipped order was updated to fail delivery 7days later when the item arrived its destination with no single attempt to deliver; customer was not called.i could go on and on., but i think that will be story for another day. I don't know what to believe about this delay payment anymore, or has konga started using our money for ''MMM''? if this is the case, they should let us know so we expect interest on any delay payments. am very bitter at this tend and it is really affecting my business . is this affecting any merchant in the house? or am alone.? Please konga i am tired of writing a mail with a robotic reply from konga without even reading the content of my mail before responding .i need my money ooo,konga 


  • Es
    Esohwode s S
    Posted 2 years ago
    Please be informed today is gone and the money that was credited on a separate days is yet to reflect.,i have got another, making it the third leaving my wallet to kongapay early hours of 2moa morning. my patience is running out. you look into this with immediate effect and a positive resolution. i can't wait longer than 2moa.
  • tF
    teju F Konga Moderator
    Posted 2 years ago
    Hello Sylvester,
    You will receive a call or mail shortly from our finance representative.
    Kindly exercise patience as we investigate and resolve this issue.
    Thank you.

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