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  • Need for Improvement

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • BN
    Bernice N B
    I need to state my experience so we can improve and step-up online shopping to internationally standard. I ordered an item with the delivery date of 1-5 days; it shipped the next day and arrived my city two days later. The merchant sent me a message to say I should expect delivery as he was told I had rescheduled whereas there was no communication with me. Two weeks later, I got a mail that my order was 'on its way to me that day', I waited but did not get any call nor was the item delivered. The next day, I decided to track the item and to my amazement, I read that I had rescheduled delivery thrice, I called the helpdesk who gave me the KEX phone number; I called and was asked to send the item number which I did immediately; no news nor call till today (after a week) when I called KEX and sent the number again, I got a text that I should re-order;  I went to the tracking sheet and saw that I rejected the item on the 27th Oct, all these without my knowledge. The duration of transaction was 12th Oct- 7th Nov. 
    People with alternatives can't have the patience for this system. I sincerely want to see your own system work, like that of the developed countries so we can enjoy a reliable online shopping. 
    This is not an arbitration issue because I've decided not to buy for now. Please review your system for effective delivery:
    - Give delivery dates that is achievable
    - No need to log in imaginary tracking details
    - One good thing is the payment on delivery option; keep this for those who want it.
    Thanks for your time.


  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Bernice,
    Thank you for taking time to provide this feedback. Our sincere apologies for this unfortunate incident, we understand all raised concerns and we are continually taking steps towards working out all issues you have mentioned.
    Our K-express units have been notified of this, kindly forward the affected order number to help@konga.com to enable us carry out the the necessary investigation to ensure there isn't a repeat of this incident. 

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