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  • My Suggestions On Curbing Unserious Customers on Konga

    Selling on Konga Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • TN
    Tochukwu N S
    I have greatly suffered disappointments from unserious buyers. Infact, for reason unknown to  me, I happen to be having too many of them patronizing my store in recent time.
    There was a time a buyer placed order for an item; I called him to confirm his readiness and he sounded really serious to me. However, this guy rejected the item on two occasions of attempted delivery. He won't pick my calls and when I called with a different line, he dropped the call the instant he knew I was the caller. Funniest thing was, when I was lamenting to a friend of mine, a seller on Konga who sells similar wares, He instantly remembered the name and said the same customer, on two different occasions, placed order for items from his store and won't respond to deliveries. On checking, the customer's profile read that of 10 orders placed on Konga, he had only received and paid for only 1 !
    Another guy separately placed order for 3 different items (two of which are functionally substitute of one another ) from my store in a single day and when I called him, we had a long discussion and I was answering all his questions on each of the items (Mostly information he should have seen if he had read the item description posted online). At the end, he requested that I cancel all the  orders as none will meet his need.... and that they were too expensive.  For crying out loud, didn't he see the price stated when placing the order? ...and why couldn't he use the "Message Buyer" button to make inquiries? I sent a message to mall@konga they said they will cancel the order in 48hrs, but they didn't, and the order later went to auto-cancellation which counted against my store performance. Again, On checking the customer's profile, it said that of 30 orders placed on Konga, only 2 orders were received and paid for.
    Several more examples have proved  that the customer's profile is enough indication of their seriousness. I will therefore enjoin Konga to consider these suggestions plus other ones that sellers will raise on this conversation:
    Konga should:
    1 . stop Pay On Delivery option for customers with bad purchase profile
    2. compel buyers with bad profile to pay at the least the shipping cost... Just 1,000 financial commitment will make them take the order seriously.
    3. Reward customers with good purchase profile... and let all customers know their purchase rating could fetch them attractive rewards.
    4. Threaten customers with bad purchase record with account suspension... and please, close account that are really in very bad shape. You've not lost a customer, you've only saved losses and headaches this will bring us all if their activities persist. (Even if such person opens another account, he/she will be less given to lackadaisical attitude) eBay does this well, that's why people won't want to bid on eBay for the fun of it when they aren't ready for the responsibility.... Still, they are never short of customers.... thats because, they only pruned the unserious ones.
    5. I don't know how possible this is technically, but it will be cool if new account creation could be based on Phone and Address and not email. This is because, email is easier to open than to get a sim registered. You can have 10 email account, but am yet to see anybody with 10 phone contacts. Hence, when you blacklist a customer, you blacklist the contact and address and not just the email address.
    Please, lets review this my suggestions; add yours too... Hopefully, Konga Moderator will help forward refined ideas to appropriate sections.
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  • OW
    Oluwasegun W S
    Posted 3 years ago
    @Beckky:Its in the new Order notification emails sent by SellerHQ. Just scroll down well.... Its at the bottom left corner.
    They started adding that info not too long
  • OW
    Oluwasegun W S
    Posted 3 years ago
  • BO
    Beckky O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Please house, how do I get/check the profile of a buyer?
  • ao
    ada o B
    Posted 3 years ago
    I personally don't deliver orders from Edo state. My experience with them is 10 out 10 buyers came back as returns. They usually have no real address etc. My Konga return rate is pretty high. I think they should reward their delivery guys according to their successful delivery rates too. They are part of the problem too.
  • BE
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello tochukwu
    you are not alone in this frustration  that unserious buyers are giving to merchants on konga , i have had a great dose of their treatment and still  having , i had 2 order from delta warri for the products i sell , i promptly called the customer to obtain assurance of intention to honor the transaction and i was assured that the order was meant to be honored . on the strength of this i processed the order and shipped out through kexpress , would you imagine the items got to warri only for the buyers to decline  the orders and switch off their phones, when i eventually got through to them respectively they said they cancel the order the previous day , when the orders are already on their door step , Now imagine how long it will take konga to return these items and each of them very fragile and cost close to  100k each
    please konga help us with these problem and i have notice that Warri and portharcourt are high risk areas
  • HK
    Henri K B
    Posted 3 years ago
    I have thought about this same issues for many many days and the only solution I can arrive at towards curbing unserious buyers on konga is this: stop POD terms. Although stopping it will affect sellers, alternatively POD should be put as an option for both the buyer and seller, this means that if a buyer chooses POD payment option, the order will then be forwarded to the seller who then communicates and runs his/her own check on the buyer to confirm if the seller wants to accept the POD payment option, if the seller goes ahead to accept it, it means the seller will have to do a self fulfill on that particular order.
    Why unserious buyers are so popular not only on konga but also on other Nigerian online malls is because the use of debit cards online is not widely spread. Yes a lot of people have ATM cards(debit cards) but how many of them actually use it online? Not a lot of them do. This is because Nigerian banks in the process of making it safer for using debit cards online have introduced security measures such as tokens. The unfortunate part of these tokens is that they are not free(that is for the hardware tokens, I do not know much about the OTP tokens sent via email or sms) and majority of Nigerians would not want to pay for debit cards and then also pay for token which they might only use a very few times in a year, so it does not make sense. But if it was that majority of Nigerians who use their debit ATM cards also use it online then it would seriously reduce unserious buyers because whenever they place an order on konga they would have to pay using their debit card immediately before the order can go through and be forwarded to the seller, and when the seller receives the order and ships it out to the buyer and the buyer receives the order and decides it is not what he/she ordered for or feels the need to return it, the buyer will then have to do a return on that item and open a dispute and indicate the reason for rejecting the item, which konga will then contact the seller to verify the buyers claims, after the verification is concluded konga will be able to decide who is at fault and settle the dispute.
    But unfortunately debit card online payments are still something that has not been majorly embraced by Nigerians. So the only way for now to limit unserious buyers is to stop POD payment options, or give it as a payment option for the buyer at which point it is only left for the seller to confirm if he wants to accept the order as a POD or reject the order and based on that the seller should not be penalized if he decides not to accept the POD order.
  • OJ
    Obaike J B
    Posted 3 years ago
    This is the best suggestions ever if you guys abide by this... Why is emphasis on suspension only to the sellers? For crying out loud we should also be giving this treatment too. On eBay you don't bid thinking it's just for fun. The unnecessary pay on delivery must stop totally cos I think buyers are using that for fun not knowing that a lot has been lost cos of that... My friend lost 2 phones on returns... I personally hate konga returns cos they take eternity for you to get. You must commit buyers to pay at least 1k for the transport, that way orders rejected will minimize... Thanks
  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Tochukwu,
    Thank you for all suggestions, we appreciate all concerns raised, we are continually taking steps towards working out and improving our existing services.
    Several programmes have been rolled out  to curb the issues arising from 'unserious' buyers, and a few of your suggestions are already being reviewed.
    Be assured, that all your suggestions will be forwarded to the appropriate units.

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