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    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • CO
    Chimdubem O S
    I got a notification from Konga on the 16th of this month that my store has been suspended because of low delivery on orders.I was surprised because several times i had called the Konga customer care to lodge complaints about late processing of my orders  for onward shipping by the Konga drop- off centre in Garki , Abuja.I started using this centre in November because it is close to my office, but several times when i got orders , i always delivered before 48hours, but this point would always complain  that Konga server has problems and that my order would be processed as soon as they see network.Even when i reminded them that those orders have timeline, they always assured that it would not affect anything as it is a general problem with Konga server.For the records , all my orders that were cancelled and those that were returned , were all sent to this Garki, drop -off point.
    In the month of October my store was rated the best , so it goes to say that if my performance dropped, it could also be because i may be facing some challenges with Konga drop-off point and K-Express.I am not particularly happy about this development more so when  i have been complaining to Konga customer care.
    Before now i was using Konga drop-off points at Wuse and Jabi and never had any issues with them.Please kindly reinstate my products on my store.Thanks for the understanding.


  • MO
    Murphy O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Dear Chimdubem,  
    Please kindly send an email with specific details for proper investigation  to mall@konga.com, and as well copy ordercontinuity@konga.com. A response will be communicated to you concerning this serious issue you have raised.
    Thank you
  • AQ
    Aralola Q S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Sellers will learn more from each other if questions like this are answered. i hope someone answers soon.
    its a good thing you mentioned this though, i guess i will learn from your experience and stay off Garki.
    all the same it will be better if a moderator can comment on this.

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