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  • My Opinion On Shipping Fees

    Shipping and Delivery Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • pl
    paul l S
    Since the introduction of different shipping fees per store, my general sales has depleted significantly. I sell in the Health & Beauty category and I have products as low as ₦300 on display; if I apply free shipping on any of my goods that means my profits and actual cost will be gone. 
    The idea of different shipping fee per store deters customers, this idea - I believe- is only being practiced on Konga in Nigeria. Customers don't want to know which merchant sells which, all they're concerned about is real value for money, and that stops making sense when their overall shipping cost at checkout is almost equal to the items bought.
    So if I make purchases across 10 different categories, I'll be asked to pay 10 separate shipping fees, which invariably isn't encouraging. Lets say I live in Nassarawa; I'll be charged 1500 x 10 which equals 15000. Honestly even if my cart is worth 500,000O, I'm surely going to abandon it. 
    My Opinion:
    1.   Shipping fees should be charged per checkout.
    2.   When cost of overall items purchase reaches a certain amount, shipping should be free.
    3.   If this method will hurt konga on the long run, increase commissions reasonably.
    4.   Konga should have control over its costumers and directly deal with purchases made by them. 
    I believe this idea (if applied) will encourage customers to patronize konga more and stop merchants from luring customers from the platform to themselves through this loop-hole, and ultimately stop konga from becoming another OLX.
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  • OO
    Oladimeji O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    I agree with Paul. 
    It would also be nice if shipping can be tied to individual items like we have Amazon or eBay. I may be able to offer free shipping on some items but free shipping on single orders of a low cost item hurts my business hence the reason we have not been able to offer free shipping to buyers on Konga. 
    At the moment Konga's shipping fees can only be set by location and that is very discouraging.
  • NT
    Nene T S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Good to know someone mentioned this issue. I'm a new seller on Konga and lost a sale some days ago because my buyer refused to pay shipping fees twice as she bought items from two different stores on Konga.
    I hope this is resolved soon. 
  • jN
    joan N B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Paul,
    Thank you for your suggestion. We will put them into consideration as we work to make the  platform more merchant and buyer friendly.

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