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    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • JO
    Juliet O S
    I will start by saying kudos to Konga but it still needs some more work to attain the desired height. As a seller I would say the challenges of delivery of orders has gone backwards to the nightmares of UPS and DHL. The Sellers are all doing a good job of accepting and shipping out orders within 24 hrs to 48hrs in line with Konga rules and regulations. But then Konga has to do its own part of helping in ensuring that these orders get to the customers speedily. This brings me to my points:-
    Konga needs to take out the Pay on Delivery system and put in Pre-paid payment system only. Konga its time to take the bulls by the horn, dont be afraid. In the long run this would pay off smoothly and eliminate all ugly incidents being encountered presently. The gains are enormous as listed below.
    1) High level of returns would be reduced.
    2) Unserious customers would authomatically be weeded off.
    3) Attraction of serious customers who want urgent deliveries.
    4) Elimination of fraud.
    5) K Express would have some competition knowing that many Sellers would use more of other couriers for prompt        service delivery.  
    6) Speedy payments both to Konga and its Sellers with less stress and Konga can then most efficiently manage and receive its commissions for successful sales rather than creating more work of having to send invoices at the end of the month for items delivered by Sellers themselves, which in the long run is not healthy for Konga as a company.
    7) Eliminate bottlenecks with availability of customers to receive their orders. knowing that once customers have paid for their orders they would make themselves available for the deliveries with ease.
    8) Build confidence in Konga customers and thereby gaining their loyalty. Once customers discover the change in Konga's service they would have more confidence to come back to shop and even have confidence to spend much more money thereby generating more income for konga and its sellers. Also word goes around fast so they would encourage their friends and family and shop at konga knowing they would get swift service delivery.
    9) Reducing wasted time, energy and finances associated with non-delivery of orders or failed delivery of orders due to late and long over due deliveries.
    It would be nice if konga reads through this humble advice and also takes the advice. This will be beneficial to Konga and the Sellers.


  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Dear Juliet,
    Thank you for all suggestions, we appreciate all concerns raised and are continually taking steps towards working out and improving our existing services.
    Your suggestions will be forwarded to the appropriate units for process review and implementation where necessary.
    Further suggestions and feedback you may send an email to suggestions@konga.com.

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