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  • MUST READ- New Shipping Rates on Konga Mall

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • tF
    teju F Konga Moderator
    Dear Sellers,
    Thank you for your continued partnership and patience as we work towards providing a better trading experience to you. 
    We are aware that there have been some lower sales. To correct this, we are reviewing shipping policies and K-Express shipping rates downwards.
    In a few days, the following changes will apply: 
    1) Shipping charges within merchant's residential state will be capped at a maximum fee of N500.  
    2) Outlying areas within merchant's residential state will be capped at N1000. 
    3) All Major Cities outside your home state will be set at a maximum rate of N1000
    4) Outlying areas in other states will be set at a maximum rate of N1500.
    The rates above apply to what K-Express will charge you and what you can set in SellerHQ. Additional Kg charges will fall away.
    For Instance,  if Merchant A is based in Lagos State, he/she will be required to ship all orders within Lagos Metro at a maximum of N500 while shipping to other outlying areas within Lagos at N1000. 
    Also, if Merchant A decides to ship to another state outside Lagos, shipping rate will be set to a maximum of N1000 while rural areas within other states will be set at maximum of N1500. 
    The Seller may decide to charge LESS than the amounts above and even offer Free Shipping. These rates will be the maximum that K-Express will charge you. 
    If your items are over 10kg and you believe you need help to adjust to this policy, please reach out to Konga for help. And as we effect these changes, we will keep you updated and well informed to ensure you are further prepared.
    For more information, you can reach us on 01-4605555 or email us at mall@konga.com.


  • Tersoo A S
    Posted 3 years ago
    @Tam D and @Kolawole(Moderator)
    Konga has to develop a system where either the buyer is insulated from knowing where his item is being supplied from or inform him explicitly about the charges involved at check out.
    I have ordered multiple pairs(10pairs) of Timberland boots from the US online store and to my surprise, when the tracking information came in, about 4 of them came from a store in Ontario, Canada and the rest from different Timberland Stores across the US, my point is....I did not know until I saw the tracking details.
    On the other hand, the eBay self fulfill model also helps the buyer know exactly what he is dealing with as sellers set their shipping rates and originating city/state and the buyers know from the get go even before adding it to any cart. 
    So even if you purchase from multiple buyers, you already know that you will be paying multiple shipping rates
    The crux of the matter is actually the prepaid billing though....once we move from PoD, to a large extent, we will be fine!
  • Tersoo A S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Better Still, I suggest we set shipping as per item and not per store per destination as it exists right now. 
    I should be able to offer free shipping on a Wristwatch from my store while a pair of sneakers would be shipped for a fee.
    It's the same way we set "Return Policy" on each item uploaded for sale.
    This makes for a more dynamic marketplace.
  • OF
    Ovegho F S
    Posted 3 years ago
    My question is that why can't KONGA have different shipping options and their charges like we have on Aliexpress, DHGate and possibly make shipment FREE after sellers have indirectly added that to the cost of the product. The buyer will be attracted to ordering more products because it's free shipping. But if the buyers now decide to use other couriers as indicated in the drop-down list of couriers (which I want to encourage  Konga) to apply, then there will be more sales for sellers and more commissions to Konga in the long-run.
    This is a very dicey issue that require sensitive handling in order not to give to other competitors out there to lash out at Konga's mistakes to take over the market.
    Buyers should know the cost of shipping at the point of making orders. The free shipping should be handled by KExpress while sellers automatically knows the shipping charges offered by them.
    One more thing, I strongly suggest that we discourage this PoD thing. Konga have made name and many buyers by now should have know that Konga is not a 'squalor-kind of business entity'. I believe Konga have built reputation for keeping to the buyers expectations overtime. 
    I see no reason while any buyer in Nigeria should still be nursing the fear of losing his/her money if payment is made before delivery of a product is effected. Whether we like it or not eCommerce have come to stay in Nigeria. It's the in-thing now globally, so Nigerian buyers cannot be an exception or claim ignorance to the revolution in online marketing or platform.
    What Konga needs to do is to assure buyers of their safety on any transactions entered into on Konga's site. just the way we do when we buy things from other countries or platforms like aliexpress, etc. 
  • LO
    Lawrence O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Let me provide a solution to this delivery problem. I hope Konga heeds it ...
    There are three (3) parties in this scenario: (1) Buyer (2) Seller (3) Konga. We will all agree that this should also be the order of satisfaction, since the buyer is our customer, and we are 'in a sense' also Konga's customer.
    Firstly, Konga should enforce free delivery to all locations in Nigeria for all items. That solves the problem for the buyer. For the past month I have been buying multiple quantities of the same low cost item in order to reduce shipping costs.
    Secondly, all sellers should add the appropriate delivery charges to their items. N 1,000 would be ideal, since it cover intra-state and even major cities nation-wide (based on the new KExpress charges - I think they are the lowest). Obviously, this would be a challenge for low cost items esp. those less than shipping cost'. 
    So sellers should lump those items and add a shipping cost. e.g. 5 pairs of hand gloves. (5 x 500 = N 2,500, N 2,500 + 1,000 for shipping = N 3,500). In the seller's mind a pair of sock is N3,500/5 = N700, which is still manageable since it includes shipping.
    If you think about it, I don't really see why someone should purchase a N500 item and expect it to be transported across Nigeria.
    Lastly, Konga should just enforce these rules and help us make this 'free delivery' publicity very big. Currently Konga says free delivery is back but you actually pay more than before and there's no way to even isolate searches to display only 'free delivery' items.
    If all the aforementioned is done, then the buyer knows any number of items chosen from any number of stores will always be delivered free anywhere in Nigeria.
  • tF
    teju F Konga Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Bimpe, 
    The maximum shipping fee for Lagos is 1000 which is to outlying areas within Lagos. For instance, if your residential location is at Ikeja, you will be required to ship to metro environs around you for N500 or less. This will include areas such as Maryland, Ogba, Yaba, Ikoyi, Ketu,Victoria Island etc. These are considered metro cities within Lagos. 
    If you are however shipping to outlying areas such as Igando, Epe, Badagry, Ikorodu, and other areas that are in near outskirts of Lagos, the maximum shipping fee to such locations is N1000. 
    For items less than 10KG going outside Lagos, maximum shipping fee is capped at N1000 and rural areas within these states outside Lagos is capped at N1500. Please note that all K-Express rates have been reduced to give sellers opportunities to ship nationwide and should not be used as a guideline for other carriers' rates. You may however negotiate with preferred carriers of your choice and may even get further discounted rates.
  • bO
    bimpe O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    I really do not understand how self-fulfillment will work with konga setting a maximum shipping fee of N500 for lagos residents and N1000 for those outside lagos. We all know most courier companies worth their salt do not charge 1k and below for delivery outside lagos. And even for delivery within lagos. . N500 will not cut it for delivery to some locations.
    konga just has to find a way to address these issues.
  • OO
    Olajumoke O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    I have mentioned this before during one of the online meetings that konga should look for a way to remove individual shipping cost. 
    A colleague at work was lamenting about this today.
    I guess it's better for them to be billed for shipping at the point of checking out. Konga can sum up the total kg at d point of shipping and then distribute evenly to each sellers account. 
    I'll love to  Know how konga was handling different items in same order before self fulfil?  Because they've done this before all that needs to be done is just an improvement on what was in place before.
    If possible buyers should be able to see shipping rate for different courier companies and then select anyone that fits their budget. While their items are shipped from all location. 
    @ Kunle " Maybe some kinDa Allocation Logic.can be put in place. 
    All I know Is nothing is impossible.
    Godbless Konga 
  • CJ
    Chidozie J S
    Posted 3 years ago
    make customers pay before delivery or pay shipping fee ahead 
  • MU
    Posted 3 years ago
    A customer bought an item worth N7,000+ from my store, he was charge a total of N6,000 for shipping. He complained that he actually bought five (5) items which cost N11,000 + and was charged that sum for shipping. He was really angry and which everyone would be.
    At the time when the CEO sent a mail for the introduction of self-fulfil sometime in January, I remember sending him a reply telling him why we might not be ripe for this at the moment. I foresaw a drop in sales which I also itemized in the mail.
    Be that as it may, I suggest that action must be taken and a fast one at that so that we do not lose our customers who have started enjoying better services on other platforms.
    In my candid opinion, I suggest that at the point of checkout, the shipping cost should be flat. If a customer buys 5 items from 3 stores, if it costs N1,500 to ship them to the customer, then the customer should be charged N1,500. The shipping cost should be shared into 3 for all the merchants so that when merchant A prints his invoice, the shipping cost on it is N500. So, if merchant A sold goods worth N3,000 and it is a POD, the customer pays K-Express N3,500 for that particular item when it gets to him. 
    At the moment, I would suggest that free-delivery (optional) will be done for only Lagos buyers at the moment. A merchant therefore can chose to enable free shipping for Lagos.
    Please let's take it one step at a time.
    Thank you KONGA
  • KM
    KOLAWOLE M Konga Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago
    @Tam D,
    Please note that items in a buyers basket can come from Sellers in different locations/states. Due to this, it may be tricky to group KExpress deliveries to one single charge.
    Yes, KExpress currently collects shipping charges for POD orders from buyers at the point of delivery.
    Also note that we are constantly looking at easier ways to reduce shipment costs to buyers. You can post your suggestions here or email mall@konga.com. 
    Thank you.

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