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  • Monthly N2,500 store charge

    Selling on Konga Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • NS
    Nirvana S B
    Dear Konga,
    I raised a conversation on the above topic yesterday and that was deleted in less than 24hrs based on "violating the code of conduct". If that was actually violated, then apologies.
    You directed me to a discussion started by you 2weeks ago but now closed.
    The obvious thing there was;
    no one is happy with this charge
    you did not answer/address the concerns raised
    most sellers were trying to avoid their concerns being deleted by you (some even stated it)
    (My candid opinion, things are not and should not be done that way...let people air their views/opinions/concerns etc, you sieve what is positive about the whole thing and be able to effectively manage customer service. Imagine if you saw some customers face-to-face).
    Also, writing you directly does not give room for people to air and contribute their concerns and ideas.
    Kindly elaborate on the need for the charge as it appears it does not profit the seller and invariably could affect buyers (I believe sellers are entitled to know how this development is positively channeled).
    Once again, there is nothing wrong with upgrading but this is worrisome.
    Based on what your mail and discussion says;
    1. How does this charge bring about "Greater Selling Success"?
    2. How does this charge "improve the overall market place"?
    3. How does this charge "sieve out less serious sellers" (this sounds petty)?
    4.  Have you considered how this charge would/may affect the selling/buying prices?
    5. Why charge when you already get commissions? (one should be scrapped for one)
    The truth they say is bitter and can really hurt but this concern needs urgent attention and possibly reversal. You cannot/shouldn't have commissions and monthly charges but can only have one of the two.
    Like some sellers said in the closed discussion, these recent developments have not added value(s) to the system rather it has complicated processes such as increased returns (as a result of bad communication and attitude of KExpress delivery personnel) - (this will be discussed in another conversation).
    Kindly address the monthly charge issue as soon as possible.
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  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Dear all,
    Thank you for your feedback​.​
    The forum is an avenue to share thoughts, suggestions and trading experiences on the platform. And as such, we continually welcome you to help us provide better services through constructive feedback. All previously deleted posts/threads​ were as a ​ result of certain violations of the forum's guidelines​.​ In the course of sharing concerns and experiences, we request that you maintain constructive suggestions,​ ​refrain from disrespecting ​the company, its representatives and ​other users of the forum through choice of words. ​Posts that are found to violate these rules will be taken down immediately​. 
    In respect to the soon to be introduced monthly fees which will take effect July 31 2015:
     1) We have discovered that successful online companies across Africa and other continents are continually able to provide premium services as a result of monthly commitment from its sellers.This is outside the commission charges off each sale. We hope to also achieve this with the cooperation and commitment of our sellers.
    2)  K-express currently offers very subsidized shipping fees and while we hope to offer these affordable charges for a long while, this may not be sustainable for too long considering the volume of orders shipped through K-Express daily.   
    3) We firmly believe that Konga's committed and disciplined sellers should ​be prepared to ​pay minimum investment to trade as this form of payment commitment will filter less serious sellers away from the platform​.
    ​​4) Non-serious sellers on the platform are classified as sellers that do not fulfill orders and have a cancellation and non-shipment rate of 70-95% and sellers who list items for fraudulent purposes. This is currently prevalent on the marketplace and we intend to combat that as soon as possible. ​
    ​​As we introduce these new fees, we are also implementing positive changes to ensure sale transactions that are made to your store are genuine:
    1​) ​Konga will be giving a part of its ​already low commissions to buyers who agree to Prepay and not use PoD​​ ​as a discount for their orders placed.​​ ​This will cost sellers nothing​​ but ​ ​rather impact your stores positively as it will mean​​ a huge drop in returns. 
    2) ​​​​Returned sellers merchandise will now come with a guarantee that if you don't have your goods back within 45 days, you will get ​the cash value of the item. 
    ​For more information on the steps we have taken to discourage less serious purchases, please read ​http://community.konga.com/thread/introducing-the-customer-modeling-programme-to-encourage-serious-purchases
    W​e are​ continually ​looking into other measures to​ make the marketplace a trusted and sustainable trading platform and we request your cooperation as our business partner into making this a reality. 
  • NO
    Nkajima O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Oh Yes! Someone finally had the guts to speak up.. Thumbs Up! @Nirvana S.
    I for one, really don't understand the need for the N2500..that is greedy and a rip-off! "Commissions + Charge"? Oh Please Konga, be decent enough to choose one.. We have enough trouble with this buyers and we are waiting for you guys to Act! Act Already... 
    Some of us, Self-fulling Sellers haven't even made N2500 worth of credible sales in a month., because of the drama with these experimental-order buyers... 
    Konga, do something meaningful!
  • AK
    Adenike K S
    Posted 3 years ago
    I only wish to reiterate that we are being charged twice.  First i pay a hefty part of my profit as commission (10%), then i am asked to pay another N2500 every month.  How about the months I do not sell anything on Konga? Are those months exempted? You know there are unserious sellers and you have the mechanism of dealing with them, ie suspension.  Why is that not used, as opposed penalizing serious sellers.
    Please answer questions raised, rather than sending pre written responses. That does not help in any way.
    Thank you.
  • OO
    Oloseigbuan O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    I personally think it's ridiculous. 
    What does Konga mean buy 'unserious sellers'? A seller puts up goods for sale, accepts the order, rushes off to drop off an item within the time frame given, and yet the seller is' unserious '
    The issue still boils down to unserious buyers. 
    Buyers should be made to commit and not the other way round. 
    There's no need deleting this comment. 
    We have to air our views. 
    The issue of N2500 monthly is wrong. We cannot be made to continually suffer for the laxity of buyers 

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