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    Ikenna A S
    I have written several emails, made several calls to get my order F225389798003 which arrived Eleme since the 18th of April, 2016 to go out for delivery for once in Eleme. All efforts have yielded no result.
    I will continue to write, while expecting Konga to give results rather than the sorry for the inconveniences reply which will definitely come with the reply to this.
    I would also request that the customer or myself be provided with the address of the KOS ELEME, PORT HARCOURT, if it be that Konga is incapable of doing delivery. The customer is willing to go pick-up the item himself.
    I also want Konga to know that it is now time for them to tell us exactly whats happening, when it is happening as regards their delivery system report, this vague report being issued on tracker has zero assurances and cannot be used by a merchant to convince himself or a customer. 
    We now pay N2500 or N1000 so we as merchants deserve to know exactly what they are doing to ensure fast and safe delivery of our products.

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