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  • Konga's Systems: New Order Cycle Policy, Holidays and Payouts

    Selling on Konga Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • David O David O S
    There is no doubt that Konga has become a major enabler of commerce and trade in Nigeria and going by our numbers in population, Africa.
    This has helped small-time traders become big-time traders, small brands from Nigeria have evolved to big players in various market sub-sectors.
    With the unprecedented growth has come unprecedented pressure on it's systems, it is at this intersection of demand exceeding supply that Konga must find a way to grow it's systems to meet both the buyer and seller ends of the market ecosystem.
    While buyers have raised issues of product delivery/fulfillment and quality of items sold on the Marketplace which Konga has designed a quality control policy to deal with and also launched a self-fulfil model, sellers on the other hand have issues with quality of orders, shipment or fulfillment timelines especially by K-Express, the Konga Delivery subsidiary, payouts among others.
    On delivery/fulfillment , especially the newly introduced Order Cycle by Konga, it has made it a robotic system that drives on automation, eliminating the human component of the e-commerce value chain, in cases where holidays like the Ramadan, Christmas etc are declared, Konga must adopt a more flexible approach by ensuring that it's order cycle takes into consideration long holidays.
    It is important that cancellations should also be processed manually by confirming from the buyers and sellers before activating the final cancellation call instead of the auto-feature, as some delays are due to circumstances beyond human control like K-Espress locations having system downtime, printer issues, weather factors etc which causes shipment to be delayed even customer's not picking calls for confirmation or even requesting some days delay before shipment
    This is to ensure that orders are not cancelled when sellers can not meet up due to closure of business for holidays.
    Also the finance model must be changed to make payouts more regular and in special circumstances like holidays, all payouts should be processed at least 2 days before the holiday and ensured that it is processed by the banks.
    For payout requests made on the last working day or a day before the last working day of the holiday, the finance team can make Instant Payment and not only the NEFT Escrow that takes some days to be credited to sellers account.
    The system must also look at getting serious commitment from buyers for orders placed, this will help reduce the high returns rate experienced by Merchants which can crush their businesses, especially small-time traders who buy/sell only on Konga and have no physical outlets to trade off returned items.
    This move will make the system more stable and ensure that sellers always have funds to trade with, returns are minimized to genuine cases, re-stocking becomes faster, orders are shipped by merchants within the set timeline, customers are satisfied and Konga keeps growing.
    To Africa's Fastest Growing Online Marketplace and Enabler of Trade/Commerce and it's various Ecosystem Partners.
    Wish you the Best of Trade and Commerce in 2015 and beyond.
    David Okon,
    David Worx Nigeria.


  • OO
    Oludotun O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    I still wonder why an order going to Allen Avenue, Ikeja still has to travel to Isolo before coming back to Allen.I wonder.
  • DA
    Dayo A S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Good day, I must commend on your effort in reaching out our products to a large customer base. but my issue is the 48hrs shipment,  for those of us into production. The craftiness of the job has to be put in precision and accuracy. Please help us review this, 48 hrs is short a time
  • AO
    Akorede O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    This una authoritative way of doing things is getting beyond control oooo...
    Today now,some has placed order for a single product on my store for 4 times,all attempt to reach him since morning has proved abortive as his lines were not going through and no response from his mail.
    Do Konga now expect me to ship out an order that its obvious the customers phone number is not going through?
    Pls,the board of Konga should think twice of some of their decsions and am just not happy with the way Konga do some things.
    We shipping out in less than 24hrs will still not make order not spend 2days at central units before sending it out,neither will it stops some kexpress location for keeping an order with them for more than one week before they take it out for delivery,so why is that,its only merchants that always receive this harsh treatment by Konga?????
  • A
    Atinuke S
    Posted 3 years ago
    48hrs is not good enough to ship..... i got an order late Thursday...tried to go and drop it off...was told Konga network is down....they need to factor all these in before coming up with the time to ship...the next thing you will see is they will start suspending stores.
  • KA
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hi, please am new here, trying to set my vacation settings and having issues with the calendar icon
  • LO
    Lawrence O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Am really bothered about the 48hrs limit for items to be shipped. The duration is okay but please Konga take weekends n public holidays into consideration. For example, an order placed on Friday evening or Saturday should start the 48hrs count on Monday.
  • DD
    Dolapo D S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello David, Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

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