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  • KongaPay: Our New Payment Days

    General Discussion Created 2 years ago | Updated 1 year ago
  • OO
    Omolara O Konga Moderator
    Dear Partner,
    Starting Friday, February 24th, 2017, you will no longer receive payment from your KongaPay wallet daily. This means that all KongaPay payments will now be made twice weekly i.e. Mondays and Wednesdays.
    Note however that KongaPay payments will still be processed through NIBSS instant payment, thus your bank account will still be credited within 24hrs.
    We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.


  • WA
    Wasiu A S
    Posted 1 year ago
    Konga, please it's high time you start playing by your own rules regarding payment days. It's enough inconvenience having to wait for days to receive payment because of the 2 days only payment policy, but it's very unfair and inconsiderate of you not to release payment to sellers on those days (Monday and Wednesday).
    Personally, for up to 3 consecutive Mondays now, I have to send mails to plead with you before my payment is processed.
    Please find a last solution to this. Things like this makes one doubt your ability to keep your word.
  • OO
    Omolara O Konga Moderator
    Posted 2 years ago
    Dear all,
    While we understand your fears, the reasons for the change in the KongaPay payout process from daily remittance to twice weekly is to combat the excess charges from CBN stamp duty charges and the SMS notification charges that occur both on your account as a merchant and on Konga’s account.
    What this simply means is that you will receive your sales proceed daily into your SHQ wallet but these funds will only be paid directly to your KongaPay account twice weekly and will hit your bank account within 24hours. You will be able to view your monies as they hit your SHQ wallet but the payout to your KongaPay wallet will only occur Mondays and Wednesdays weekly.
    It will also help to receive your funds in a lump sum to your bank account and not in bits and pieces which will further incur additional charges.
    Thank you.
  • tF
    teju F Konga Moderator
    Posted 2 years ago
    Hello Emiola, 
    We earnestly welcome all shared opinions and complaints. We however advise that you keep it neat and civil as this is a public platform hence mutual respect and understanding of the forum conduct is required.
    Thank you. 
  • Emiola A S
    Posted 2 years ago
    @ Omolara O if Konga doesn't not want to hear people opinion why did you post here.
  • Emiola A S
    Posted 2 years ago
    no problems. Konga keep deleting my comment, because truth is though to hear or read
  • SM
    Solomon M S
    Posted 2 years ago
    Please I tthink we need a better understanding of this ne policy. You cnt keep a payment which is due after seven days of return policy till the next week. It's wrong and unnecessary. Then there is no need for escrow. Once a buyer gets the product pay the seller immediately! 
  • lc
    leon c B
    Posted 2 years ago
    Hello pls we implore you to rethink this as this will not be favorable to merchants there is no cause to hold up funds remmited by customer on a Thursday.
    Pls consider this

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