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    Motunrayo A B
    I am extremely displeased with the Konga branch in Surulere, Bode thomas. I rushed out of the office last week to drop my order for a customer. I got there by 4.30 and they bluntly said they were no longer receiving orders and that they stop receiving at 4.00pm. I begged and begged can you imagine and told the guy that I had a 3month old baby in the car and I work in Ikeja but i drop and pick up my baby in Surulere. They said no problem I should go n drop it off in the Ikeja Branch. Anyways they finally accepted my order. I called customer service today only to find out that they should ideally close at 5.00pm. 
    Today I went to drop another order the same guy said the order number was srong and I should check my sms again. I did and told him to check it himself but he ignored me and was attending to another seller that got there after me. When he finally decided to have a look at my sms he then confirmed the order number was wrong on the sms. Imagine that he obviously thought i was lying which is why he ignored me in the first place. 
    He then said there was no other way he could track the order. That was the most upsetting part. How can a whole Konga not have a backend that is designed in such a way that they an order can be found some other way? I am so disappointed, and left for the office in GRA Ikeja, It was on the way I realised I could have checked my email through my phone, which didnt occur to me and also because the customer service was so poor, the guy could have suggested that too. 
    Work needs to be done to improve this, I can't believe I have to Journey all the way again just to drop this order. Very Unacceptable way to treat people.
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    Adetoro T B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Motunrayo. We are equally surprised at the treatment you have described receiving at our location. We would not only look into it, we would also address it and make amends where needed.  Also, please see details of all our drop off location http://www.konga.com/seller-dropoff/?clear-cache to identify a closer one and avoid another long journey. Thank you.

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