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  • Konga Should Choose Between Monthly Subscription And Commission On Sales

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
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    Sokunbi S
    It's plain for us to see that Konga believe they are the alpha and omega on their platform, are they suppose to be? Are they not supposed to be impartial to parties on their platform? Till date Konga is yet to tell us what are the benefits of this monthly subscription of which merchants should accessed these benefit to reason along with Konga.
    All I have know of till date is equal visibility. Is it possible for all merchants to appear on the first page?
    Does the monthly subscription stands as advert for the merchants?
    My store was suspended twice within last week without any reason while I was later told that the first suspension happens to be technical problem there wasn't any reason for the second suspension and this will be the third time within 6 months that the store will be suspended illegally without any compensation whatsoever and nothing can be done against this by the merchant is this fair?
    Is this the kind of service we will be paying for?
    Is Konga ready to give up the commission on sales?
    Does Konga render good quality services?
    Is Konga ready to reduce delivery charges?
    Their Call Centre is not toll free is it?
    Do they attend to merchant 24/7?
    Is Konga ready to protect merchants from the hands of unserious and unscrupulous buyers?
    Some buyers will say I mistakenly place the order or I have changed my after they have been contacted before shipping their order. Some may not even respond when it comes to delivering their orders or start negotiating the price. What are the commitment of Konga to buyer education in other to reduce and sanction such buyers?
    Konga should just take one out of commission on sales or the monthly subscription because merchants do sell across other platforms and again e-commerce platforms are emerging in Nigeria at a faster and makes it so easy to port to other platforms.

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