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    General Discussion Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • Dumebi O Dumebi O S
    Communication, even when it contains no immediate/permanent solution to issues, goes a long way in soothing frayed nerves/temper! This silence which is becoming an unacceptable trademark of Konga (especially towards merchants) is soooooo not cool.
    When we were expecting Self-Fulfil, nothing. And it took a while for you guys to let us know what we'd figured out - Self-Fulfil would launch at a later date.
    With no prior notice, one logs-in (or tries to log-in as I’ve heard from some people’s experiences) to SHQ and surprise! - Self-Fulfil has gone live. Merchants don’t get an email till past midday about this (in an ideal world a little heads up would’ve been nice).
    Since then and with hiccups aplenty we don’t hear a word from you guys (I tell a lie, there was that email about setting accurate weights and another about payment of shipping costs at drop-off centers but nothing pertinent to the mayhem resulting from Self-Fulfil going live)! There appears to be no moderators live on the forum. Staff at drop-off centres (who I somehow feel sorry for) can’t tell us any more than we already know which is nothing.
    Silence is so not golden in this situation. And in some ways, I'd say this silence is the most detestable and annoying and disrespectful of this present issue.
    We’re not necessarily asking for a miracle (that would be nice though) but a communique (in an ideal world within 24hrs) letting us know a number of things such as - there’s still life at Konga HQ :-), listing a few of the many problems with the new SHQ, highlighting steps being taken to resolve problems deemed top priority, informing us of temporary measures being put in place to help cushion the impact and ensure a skeletal running of business is maintained etc. Something! Anything! But definitely not silence.
    I believe every merchant is over 18. Consequently I believe most if not every merchant will be patient; we have been thus far, resilient and adapting our individual mode of operation to fit around the numerous inconsistencies/inefficiencies/inadequacies/in-a.whole.bunch.of.other.stuff we have endured in the name of trading on Konga. And yes you might get some back chat as a result of the contents of that (or any) communique but it sure beats silence and the potential irreparable damage being caused by what feels like perpetual maltreatment + taking advantage of + ignoring + …


  • Dumebi O S
    Posted 4 years ago
    Thanks Amaka O - very much appreciated!
  • AO
    Amaka O Konga Moderator
    Posted 4 years ago
    Hello Dumebi -
    We do apologize for the apparent gap in communication between Konga and you, our partners. We are hard at work to ensure that this new model of Self Fulfill, along with all its changes does not negatively impact your business and that all issues are addressed in a timely manner. 
    Thank you for your feedback, and you're correct - communication is key, especially in times like these. As such we will continue to improve on our communication to ensure that our merchants are always informed and to address any issues raised. We are opening up more channels of communication to ensure that all our merchants are reached, one way or another. 
    For any specific issues especially with the new changes, please feel free to reach out to us at mall@konga.com or via our help line at 0809 460 5555. 

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