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  • konga pay

    General Discussion Created 2 years ago | Updated 2 years ago
  • HK
    Henri K B
    Hello, when i try registering for konga pay, i keep getting this error message "One or more of your banking details are incorrect. Please edit your details" .
    I also noticed that after filling in all requested infos, when it brings out the page for me to confirm the details entered before submission, in the space for account number it is blank, konga pay did not request for my account number, it only requested for my atm card number and expiry and cvv.


  • HK
    Henri K B
    Posted 2 years ago
    I personally think that konga is being unkind and wicked by insisting merchants use konga pay. While trying to register for konga pay early last week, I kept on getting this error message "One or more of your banking details are incorrect. Please edit your details" after which I decided to visit my bank to confirm my account details on Friday of last week, at the bank I was informed all my banking details are correct and up to date. Today I have tried registering for konga pay again and unfortunately am stilling getting the error message "One or more of your banking details are incorrect. Please edit your details". The truth must be said, is this a ploy by konga to seize merchants funds by insisting on konga pay knowing full well that the konga pay platform is still having functionality issues? The funds in my SHQ account have been there for at least 2 weeks, can someone tell me how exactly it is that I can gain access to my funds and withdraw it since I am unable to register for konga pay.
  • lb
    lanre b S
    Posted 2 years ago
    I also keep getting error message that I have a konga pay account with my bvn and account no, so what's delaying payment as I got a mail that my konga pay registration isn't complete yet
  • no
    nelson o B
    Posted 2 years ago
    I have been trying for upwards of 10 days to set up my Kongapay but all I got initially was error{my details not being complete} but in the past 5 days I have progressed that stage to awaiting confirmation of account set up to my registered number with my bank.
    I have been to my bank several times and confirmed that my registered telephone number is still valid as I have been receiving both SMS and email alerts from the said account.my bank is first bank.
    I will appreciate it if this issue can be resolved on time as I have funds trapped in the escrow account which I need to reinvest .
  • da
    dimeji a B
    Posted 2 years ago
    Hello Henry,
    Thank you for calling our attention to this. Your case has been escalated to the responsible party and will be resolved, However, for issues such as this please send a detailed email to mall@konga for a speedy resolution.
    Thank you.

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