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  • Konga is so Frustrating Me

    Payment Created 1 year ago | Updated 1 year ago
  • KC
    Kelvin C B
    please what's the essence of the Escrow on kongapay platform?
    if an error occurred during your payout days(Tuesdays and Thursdays) what stops you guys from rectifying and making the payment on the next day, must it be on the next payout day? 
    sincerely, konga doesn't have the interest of sellers at heart.
    all there policies and actions are just in their interest alone, which is so unfair.
    *no customer care phone line
    *no response to mails
    *shq platform not notifying sellers of new orders and arbitration issues
    *money paid out on kongapay not reflecting in bank account  
    abeg konga you guys should tell us the truth if there are any problems.....
    am scared of shipping new orders sef because of the rumors going round that you guys are shutting down soon....
    i no want hear stories o... abeg.


  • ml
    moyo l S
    Posted 1 year ago
    I am just tired of all these issues with Konga. i listed product but yet to be reviewed, meanwhile most of them are sold out on another platform. they claim they are upgrading their system yet no notification or apologies to merchants. month will end now, you will expect another subscription fee bah. Kontinu

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