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  • KONGA , are you listening and ''ACTING'' or you are just LISTENING?

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • Eniola A Eniola A B
    Can Konga look at we merchants in the eyes and tell us that it does not know the solution to the problem of high return rate of orders? I personally don't believe so but if it says it doesn't know then i will tell Konga what we Merchants believe the solution is below.
    the simple solution to this problem is a simple 'Commitment before shipping" by buyers. 
    You tell us to pay a monthly store fees and you backed it up with example of Tmall.com but you refuse to show/acknowledge  that Tmall or Alibaba or Aliexpress or Ebay or Amazon...etc will never ship an item to any buyer regardless of your rating on POD basis, all items are shipped on FULL payment basis and not even part payment and we your merchants are only asking for a small % commitment and not 100% payment which will put a drastic reduction to returns and reduce the havoc done by non serious buyers on the platform but still Konga is not ready to ACT on this advice but all it does is just LISTEN. we know e-commerce blew up as a result of POD but the same strategy that helped is now causing more damage than good.
    I cant recount the number of merchants that has echoed this same advice over and over, countless merchants including me are caused pain daily/ weekly for goods  ordered and returned for no just cause, goods that mostly cant be resold cos of serious damage or broken seals or not even getting back our goods either on time or at all (continuous losses to we merchants trying to grow a business)
    Even the returned orders are serious headache for Konga itself cos its storage spaces are always full and overflowing with returned orders and that is cost for Konga.
    KONGA, I know you implement what you think/Believe is best for the company and platform and also know and understand e-commerce more than we merchants but can you pls just ACT on this advice of COMMIT BEFORE SHIPPING for once pls? there is no merchant that wont be happy if its just 1-2 orders that comes in but he /she is shipping with peace of mind that the order will be  successful, No merchant that wont be glad to pay store fees as requested as long as there is sales
    Pls Just listen to our cry for once and turn the table around, sit in our position and feel our pains sitting on the merchants sit and hopefully you will ACT.


  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Dear Eniola,
    We appreciate your feedback. We will continue to listen to all complaints and act towards suggestions that will provide a sustainable trading platform.
    While we understand the unacceptable high rate of returns as a result of non-serious purchases, please note that the Pay-On-Delivery will continue to be available on Konga Mall until a seamless payment system is available either on Konga or across Nigeria. Trust remains a major factor in any online purchase and Konga aims to meet its buyers halfway to combat this issue. This is why we have introduced incentives for buyers who prepay for items. 
    We are aware this may not be easy as effect will not be immediate and automatic, we however request for your understanding and offer your buyers the option of pay on delivery. In locations where you are unwilling to offer POD, you may turn off delivery to such states. 
    Thank you
  • Ezekiel E S
    Posted 3 years ago
    I don't think they are listening or are they?

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