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  • Konga Ads - Daily Deals: A RIP OFF

    Selling on Konga Created 2 years ago | Updated 2 years ago
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    Nkajima O S
    So I paid to get my ad up on the daily deals section and my ad never got to even 5th position..(as opposed to the rotation if daily deals ads before).. And, that defiles the reason for advertising in the first place - for my product to be seen by customers "immediately" they visit Konga.
    Totally disappointed with the new method for paid ads.. I could never understand why a dress can never be on the first page of the "daily deals".., with some flimsy excuse of 'product category and pricing'..
    That only goes to say that Konga is more interested in selling her own products and accumulating money from Merchants..
    I can promise you that there will not be a next time..and am positive that other Merchants are fed up as well...
    And, at this rate, Konga may end up being a Solo Merchant and online shop..since that's what you guys really want...


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    teju F Konga Moderator
    Posted 2 years ago
    Hello Nkajima,
    All guidelines for advertising on the daily deals section should have been communicated to you through your generated invoice. Fashion products are not featured on the first few pages of the daily deals section as these slots are reserved for products with unbeatable prices across the internet. 70% of these products are from Konga sellers with bestselling prices. 
    If you will like to give visibility to fashion products, there are various channels that can be considered and this include  the gold, silver or bronze banner on the homepage. Also, before using the daily deals slot, ensure products you offer on daily deals section are actual deals. While this section guarantees sale, this applies only to products with very good prices as customers compare prices of all products featured in this section to be certain they are not being ripped off.
    For better clarification and understanding on how the daily deals work, please send a mail to adsales@konga.com.

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