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    Shipping and Delivery Created 4 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • AY
    Adeola Y Konga Moderator
    Hello all,
    Thank you for all the feedback. We received a lot of questions from the community on K-Express and their services. We have taken out time to put together your questions and they have been addressed  by the K-Express team. we hope you find this piece of information useful.
    QUE - Why does it take so long for my products to be returned to me?
    ANS - The current returns process allows for all returns (i.e. failed deliveries, rejected deliveries etc) to be shipped back to our Lagos warehouse from where the items are then sorted and shipped back to Merchants.  For most of last year, orders shipped outside Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt were handled by third-party partners whose processes and reporting were not as effective as we would have desired. However, the returns process has been reengineered and Konga Express is working at ensuring that all returned orders are shipped back to the merchants within 7 days.
    QUE- Why do I still have to wait over an hour at drop off points?
    ANS- The length of time spent at drop-off centers is determined by a number of factors:
    The number of orders you are dropping off. The current process of accepting orders from Merchants and registering them requires about 4 minutes per order.
    The number of fellow merchants ahead of you on the queue and the volume of orders they are dropping off.
    Network connection and speed (which is totally dependent on external parties). Our processing is done online real-time so the availability and speed of internet connection affects the speed of processing.
    However, our processes have been reviewed and a fast-track service is being piloted to improve turn-around-time.
    QUE- When can we start dropping off at locations outside Lagos?
    ANS- Konga Express is currently focusing on improving delivery efficiency outside Lagos and as a result, K-Express locations outside Lagos will not be possible at the moment. However, we will keep you informed if there are new and exciting developments in the future.
    QUE- What happens if my item is damaged by K-Express?
    ANS- If it is proven that an order was damaged in transit by Konga Express, a claim can be filed by you which will ensure that the insurance payout of 90% of the value of the item is paid to you within 2 weeks of filing the claim.
    QUE- My customers complain that K-Express never tried to contact them?  I lose so many sales for this reason.  Why does K-Express not contact customers before delivery attempt?
    ANS- This  is a legacy problem which has been corrected by our new Track and Trace system. SMS messages are now being sent to customers at every stage of the order life cycle while dispatchers also make at least 3 attempts to reach the customer (both on phone and physically) before declaring a "failed deliveryā€¯.
    However network issues account for a significant number of unreachable customers while a few customers also refused to pick unfamiliar phone numbers which prevents dispatchers from reaching them to make deliveries. Other reasons include incorrect or wrong addresses, incomplete addresses listed by customers and wrong phone numbers submitted.
    QUE- K-Express rates appear to be too expensive.  Why are they so expensive?
    ANS- Konga Express rates are very competitive and in most cases, the cheapest in the market. You however have the option of self-fulfilling or utilizing any of the numerous courier options available to you. 
    QUE- Is there a K-Express Support Line?  What if my customer is not in town and I want to reroute the package to a different location?
    ANS- The Konga Customer Experience Team has contact lines that are readily available on the website. Issues of re-routing and address adjustments can be raised via these lines
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  • Nnamdi D B
    Posted 4 years ago
    Please I want to reiterate that shipping cost of orders should be nonrefundable. The shipping fee should be the buyers responsibility since it is not actually paid to the seller but to the shipping company. In a real physical market situation, sellers do not refund the transport cost incurred by buyers when returning a product they bought. I don't know if this feature is already in place but if not, please give it serious consideration. It will make buyers more responsible and serious, and also protect sellers from incurring too much loses on frequent returns

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