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    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • AL
    Ajibola L S
    Where can i find info about K-office drop off points in Lagos and rates please.
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  • AL
    Ajibola L S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Gotcha you, thanks Ebere....
  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    K-express delivery rates are charged by location not weight of order. However, items above 10kg cannot be shipped. Also for safety precaution purposes and for proper preservation, the following items cannot be shipped via K-Express. Coupled furniture, bicycles,bags of Cement, bags of Rice, liquids i:e, spirits,wines, flammable liquids, perishables, wet/big batteries.
    K-express does not offer warehousing services . We have 3rd service providers who handle warehouse/logistics. They can warehouse your products,keep inventory and deliver your products to your customers at affordable rates.
    Please find details below
    XL Express & Logistics Ltd
    Phone number
    3, Aderoju Adewuyi Street, Awuse Estate,Opebi Ikeja, Lagos State
    Warehouse rent per month
    N3, 000 per cubicle.
    N30, 000 per compartment
    Space size
    Cubicle = 10.8Cubic meter ( 10.8m x 10.8m x 10.8m)
    Compartment = 108 Cubic meter (10 cubicles).
    Unacceptable items
    1.       No huge goods/appliances and weight 10kg are acceptable for now (e.g. freezer, fridge, Gas cooker, AC etc.)
    2.      No short shelf life goods shall be accepted (perishable foods)
    3.      No smart gadgets shall be accepted, e.g. mobile phones, iPod, iPad, laptops and items over 50k value
    For more details on our 3rd Party partners, please send an email to sellerservices@konga.com 
    For general enquiry, please contact our customer care helpline on 01-4605555 
    Thank you
  • AL
    Ajibola L S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Thanks once again, understood now. I've gat another question, are you rate you quoted regardless of the weight of the item (not forgetting i mentioned 1-5kg). Also, does K Express have a facility whereby i can have 5-10 bags in your warehouse/storage and everytime i sell a package, K-Express would just pack and send for me ?
  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    You do not need to register with K-express. All that is required after an order is received is you is to pack your orders neatly and drop off at the nearest drop off point within 24 hours.
    K-express charges within Lagos is 500 naira , while delivery outskirts of Lagos is 1000 naira. For states outside Lagos delivery is 1500.
    Also note, K-express will only charge for successfully, delivered orders.
  • AL
    Ajibola L S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hi Ebere, thanks for your quick response, i've viewed the list of drop off points, but still not sure if i understand the explanation about rates.
    The items i'll be selling ranges from 1kg to a maximum of 5kg per package and all i want to know is how much i'll pay to K-Express if for instance i'll be delivering to a customer in Lagos and then out of Lagos.
    Is there also a registration fee that is paid to K-Express to join the service or how exactly does it work.
  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Ajibola,
    Please click here to find to find the various K-express drop off points in Nigeria http://www.konga.com/seller-dropoff.
    Delivery rates for K-express are capped irrespective of your preferred carrier charges ( K-express or 3rd party carrier)
    Shipping charges within a seller's residential state will be capped at a maximum fee of N500 while outlying areas within a seller's residential state will be capped at N1000.This means if you are located in Lagos, you are required to ship orders within metro cities at N500 while you are required to ship to other outlying areas within Lagos at a maximum rate of N1000.
    Also, if you decide to ship to another state outside Lagos, your shipping rate will be set to a maximum of N1000 while rural areas within other states will be set at maximum of N1500. 

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