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  • Issuing Invoices to Your Buyers

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • Ebere O Ebere O B
    Dear Sellers,
    In order to ensure proper sales documentation and give credibility to your store, it is necessary that invoices are issued alongside the item you are delivering to your buyers. 
    Here's why you should issue invoice to your buyer:
    INVENTORY PURPOSES: A sales invoice is an invaluable tool that can be useful to both you and your buyer. For sellers, it tracks the items that are sold and shipped, and for your buyers, it tracks the items that have been received and can also be used in times of dispute, most especially.
    How to Issue an Invoice to Your Buyer: 
    Print out two copies of invoice
    When self-fulfilling orders, ensure your buyer signs on your copy of invoice confirming item has been received, full name, date and signature
    Ensure name of item signatory is the same with the name on the order invoice except buyer requests otherwise
    Give the unsigned invoice to your buyer and keep hold of the signed invoice
    Happy Trading!


  • OO
    Oludotun O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    What an excellence observation by Opeyemi.Konga please take note.
  • OO
    Opeyemi O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Dear Ebere,
    Thanks for the update.
    It's on course to issue invoice to a buyer.
    But I think there are various circumstances surrounding self-fulfill orders that pose the same challenges as k-express faces.
    I'll enlighten you:
    1. I have once shipped to a buyer who supposedly was in Ikorodu, and asked a colleague who lives in Ikorodu to deliver on my behalf. If k-express had handled this buyer, the rider would have gotten angry because even my friend in Ikorodu was upset.
    The buyer refused bluntly to give up how to get to his address. And when I suggested he should come out from the outskirt (village) to the easier Ikorodu metro so it can be handed over, he refused and said that is not what Konga said; that Konga said they will bring it to his house. 
    2. Self-fulfill requires tactics.
    Most of my self-fulfill orders are successful because I realize most of my buyers are at work. The moment you strike a good CRM with your buyer, don't waste their time.
    Since I already know they are busy, asking them to write details is not smart.
    I print my own copy and ask them to "sign here, please" only.
    But most importantly, I give them quick tips and ask them to call me if they have any challenges. By so doing you can resolve your issue with it being escalated to Konga as arbitration.
    3. Self-fulfill orders make you appreciate k-express.
    The areas I've seen shortcomings in the past have been addressed but one.
    Konga needs to distribute a nice 'Konga' badge with the safety pin style to its Merchants. There are organizations with lots of protocols and identification is a big deal.
    A Merchant should be able to also have materials readily available for self-fulfill, like a delivery kit. We should be able to use a faster method for buyers to confirm they have received their item. What if they had no network or internet for days? 
    Please, look into all the areas of self-fulfill and make it easier (not harder) for us to do a k-express job. Thank you.

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