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  • Is KOS Now Shipping Liquid Products?

    Shipping and Delivery Created 2 years ago | Updated 2 years ago
  • OA
    Onome A B
    I have had several orders going to places like Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Ijebu etc that I had to call the customer to order with KongaPay (since the 3rd party delivery company I use do not collect cash) these customers claim they receive liquid items via KOS. Most of these orders ended up being cancelled cos,they don't believe me when I say I cant ship via KOS.
    Is KOS now shipping creams, serums etc? 


  • tF
    teju F Konga Moderator
    Posted 2 years ago
    Hello Onome,
    KOS currently accepts properly packaged and non-hazardous liquid items.
    Also check your email for our packaging guidelines to understand how to package your items for shipment. 

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