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  • If you truly UNDERSTAND how the new SELF FULFIL platform works, pls read this

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • Eniola A Eniola A B
    Hello All,
    If there is anyone who truly understands how the ne self fulfil platform works and is willing to help we other merchants that dont understand it yet by teaching/training us on how to work it should pls indicate here. I am willing to pay for a hall so you can train us pls as Konga is not ready to educate us beyond mails.
    Also if anyone is able to do a complete explanatory video on this it is highly welcomed too as Konga is not thinking of doing a video on this.
    Thank you.
    NOTE: Lagos Mechants only.


  • DD
    Dolapo D S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello all, 
    Thank you for your suggestions and input. We have been planning a seller summit in the next few weeks for us to hear from our merchants.
    We will post on the forum and also send out email notifications for interested sellers.
    In addition , our Seller Mentors are undergoing training so they can assist other merchants on the new platform and get feedback.
  • Dumebi O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hi Eniola A, good idea but it's still very early days. Let's wait and see what the rest of this week will reveal is my suggestion. 
    I say that because I don't think anyone well and truly understands the new Self-Fulfil platform - not even Konga! It is an evolving beast, mutating every day as I've observed. 
    But in the meantime here's some info/explanation I've picked up along the way; I hope it helps....(also I know it'll be time consuming but other measures to imbibe, if possible, is to - spend time on SHQ playing around; scour every Konga information dissemination point e.g. Seller HQ, the BBM channel and even this Forum. In an ideal world we shouldn't have to do this but...)
    At the start of the week, it was possible to set your store to PrePay only. As at yesterday night, PoD is compulsory! Hence the disappearance of the button/option a lot of merchants found and used on Monday but was gone by Tuesday. 
    Read this thread for more information - http://community.konga.com/thread/update-on-changes-to-the-new-sellerhq
    At the start of the week, it was unclear who bore the cost of unsuccessful deliveries. As at yesterday night, Konga has stated that they're expecting the merchant to bear this cost. 
    Read this thread for more information - http://community.konga.com/thread/all-you-need-to-know-about-the-new-sellerhq-self-fulfil
    I know these two points are not the be all and end all to the success of Self-Fulfil but I think they significantly dictate how Self-Fulfil will unfold for each merchant. Bigger stores with more income/capital to risk may be able to afford to take to it seamlessly; or merchants who can deliver themselves and don't mind the potential loss of transport money and the stress of navigating Lagos traffic may be happy to plunge in (but if you're a one man show, I wonder how sustainable all that running around will be. When it comes to growing you'll still have to shoulder some costs/losses but hey, each to their own.). But if you're a smaller store, still figuring things out + selling on Konga isn't your full-time/only gig then...
    For example - if one is happy to proceed as is, with PoD only, and assume delivery will be successful here's how I see the scenario playing out. 
    Buyer orders, you receive no money upfront. Seller accepts (same as you'd do under the old SHQ). Seller packages item appropriately and arranges delivery. Once item is out for delivery seller must update SHQ to say item has shipped (under Manage Order - Accepted: click Ship Order and then follow the prompts). 
    If you're delivering personally; you arrive at customer location, hand over item, customer hands over money, seller goes home. 
    When you get home, you must then update SHQ and mark the item as delivered (same as when updating to Shipped but this time it'll be under Manage Order - Shipped; I believe the seller also needs to confirms that delivery has been made). 
    You should also at this point request feedback from the buyer because increasingly, under Self-Fulfil, your store rating is important. The more positive reviews you have, the better - ideally. You'll be rated on - how quickly you deliver, how well you communicate along the way and the quality of your products (which may or may not include how well the items were packaged, not sure). 
    I believe that at the end of the process, once delivery has been made and confirmed, the seller can also rate the buyer. I haven't got to this point just yet so I can't really say.
    At the end of the month, you'll get an invoice from Konga asking you to pay commission for that transaction.
    That's the basic scenario. Oh, it is also important to note that for all intents and purposes Konga and K-Express are two separate entities. I think they've always been, but the emphasis on their 'partner' status is more obvious under Self-Fulfil.
    A host of variations exist though...(remember as at today PoD is still compulsory so all upfront expenses are carried by the seller)
    If your chosen courier is K-Express (remember, you're contracting with them as an independent entity separate from Konga) the basic scenario above remains the same - you, the seller, are still responsible for packaging your item appropriately either using your own packaging material or whatever may be available at the drop-off centre. You follow pretty much the same drop-off procedure BUT as from 15th of May you, the seller, must pay K-Express at the point of drop-off for the delivery. They will allow for both cash and PoS payment.
    It is still your responsibility to update SHQ with shipped + delivered as and when appropriate. If the delivery is successful, K-Express sends you the money (I'm assuming through Escrow or through the new Payment System Konga is working on) and at the end of the month Konga sends you an invoice for commission (note, you have to pay this invoice within 3 days otherwise your store will be suspended).
    If the delivery is unsuccessful, K-Express (at present) have said they will not charge you for that delivery. And so technically speaking you're entitled to the shipping cost you paid upfront so you should expect a refund of the amount from K-Express (but only if this occurs after 15th May; prior to the 15th and to aid transition, K-Express will operate as per normal i.e. charge you direct before the money is paid into your wallet).
    So far, the picture painted is for successful deliveries under PoD; and using either K-Express to deliver or you delivering personally. 
    To be fair, the picture will be the same if you're using any courier provided the delivery is successful. But bear in mind that updating SHQ at every step - accept, ship, delivered - is your responsibility. Packaging your products appropriately is also down to you. Communicating with the customer at every stage of the process is also on you - your order has been accepted, your order has been shipped via X here are the tracking details, your order will be delivered today, your order has been delivered please leave feedback etc. 
    [Konga, if you're reading this, it will be nice to have a function whereby each merchant can set and send automated  messages for each. But with the ability to personalise each mail before it sends. I dread the multiplied admin if one has to do this manually. Apologies if this is a feature that exists already but I haven't seen it yet.] 
    Paying for the upfront delivery cost is also yours to shoulder. If the delivery is successful, you'll get your money back.
    If the delivery is unsuccessful however it's a different ball game unless your chosen courier is K-Express who will not (at present...I say at present 'cos experience tells us that everything is subject to change) charge you unless the delivery is successful.
    The biggest difference with unsuccessful deliveries lies in the fact that if you use any other courier but yourself and K-Express, you the merchant will loose the shipping fee you paid upfront.
    So currently, the SHQ is preset to allow only PoD. As at yesterday there was a glitch which resulted in your delivery settings being reset to the K-Express default every day (today my settings remained as I set them yesterday so I'd like to say the glitch is fixed but...).  Your delivery settings are found under My Delivery Rates. When you log in to SHQ, the homepage is called the Dashboard. Summary is almost always illuminated; Profile, My Delivery Rates and Notifications are greyed out but will illuminate when clicked on. (Sorry for my non-technical lingo) 
    When you click into My Delivery Rates, you can +Add another state - if this page has been pre-populated, scroll down to the bottom and look to the right of your screen, above the greyed out SHQ logo. When you click on +Add another state, it should open up an additional dialog box where you can select States. If you want to offer Free Shipping, just click the first box and you're done. If not, leave that first box blank and input the shipping cost based on the prices from the courier you choose to use. But NOTE, it is important to make sure that the weight on every item in your inventory is correct as most couriers charge per KG. It may also be a good idea to set your base shipping rate based on the heaviest item in your store.
    So with my store for example, nothing should weigh more than 2.4kg so if I use K-Express my Charge For First Kilogram will be set to N500 for Metro Lagos and N650 for Rest of Lagos. And just to cover myself incase someone makes a huge order of multiple items, I set the Charge For Additional Kilograms to N150 for both Metro and Rest of Lagos in accordance with K-Express Rate Card.
    If you want to remove a state, look to the top left corner of the section/box the state appears in and click the - (minus sign) which is in a circle.
    I haven't had to use any other functions in the New SHQ extensively so I can't really comment on what major changes there might be other than the prominent tweaks you see on face value.
    Not sure if this spill was what you were after or if it helps.....but hopefully it'll help someone in the interim as we all continue to learn and adapt to the mutating creature that is Self-Fulfil.
  • tm
    tony m B
    Posted 3 years ago
    i guess konga staff have read the above!!!
    do the needful then
  • Seyi L B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Eniola A, 
    I would be willing to help out regards any problems you're facing and also take you through steps of the new self fulfill platform .So whenever you're ready, same goes for any other fellow merchant trying to find their way around the new seller HQ, ready to help out

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