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  • I can help you deliver all your POD orders in Benin city

    Advertise Services Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • Nnamdi D Nnamdi D B
    Please mods dont remove this. its just a way to help my fellow merchants.
    ,,I am a merchant like you all and I know the importance and popularity of POD to ecommerce and I want to help my colleagues solve that problem in Benin city. In fact, I think If we all come together and implement this idea, we can help one-another.
    Here's how it works. for all your POD deliveries to Benin, you can send it via any transport company of your choice and I can help you pick it up from their park and deliver to your customer and make remittance to your account. A small service charge applies. Please note that for returns and rejected orders, the cost of return logistics will be born by the merchant. I repeat, I am a merchant like you and my store will be pasted here if I am allowed to.
    imagin if this service is replicated by merchants in different states, we can break the cost and time barrier in delivery. you can even deliver you orders within 24hrs using cheap transport companies while an agent like me delivers and collects money for you. you can reach me  on 07069351316 for more info.

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