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  • How To Use Fulfillment By Konga To Expand Your Business

    General Discussion Created 1 year ago | Updated 1 year ago
  • OO
    Omolara O Konga Moderator
    Sellers using Fulfilment by Konga (FBK) have access to our premium customers. Premium customers spend twice the amount on Konga than other customers daily. FBK sellers also get our best advertising channels for their products in front of our most active shoppers. FBK sellers will also have the "Konga Warehouse" logo boldly stamped on every FBK product listed on our website to further increase buyer trust.


  • tF
    teju F Konga Moderator
    Posted 1 year ago
    Hello Ayokunle,
    For FBK products, we encourage you to be sure you have competitive prices because while FBK products are given premium visibility on the platform and through other forms of third party adverts, customers are still known to search for items from lowest price to highest prices. 
    If your prices are not competitive enough especially for best selling and fast selling products, this may affect sales. For advertising your products, you may send a mail to mall@konga.com and we can advise you on the best channels that may increase sales for you.
  • am
    ayokunle m S
    Posted 1 year ago
    hi Lara I still need more explanations regarding fbk sellers getting best advertisement channels and access to premium customers.had item listed on fbk and no sales yet.how long will it take for access to premium buyers becomes effective and also the adverts channel.thinking of adding more items but the result for me so far is still discouraging.don't know about others
  • OO
    Omolara O Konga Moderator
    Posted 1 year ago
    The Key to using Fulfillment By Konga successfully:

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