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  • How to Become a Konga Champion Seller

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    Omolara O Konga Moderator
    Dear Partner,
    Who is a Konga Champion Seller?
    Konga Champion Sellers receive benefits for reaching specific goals around sales volume, value, customer feedback, cancellation and shipment policy compliance. You don't need to apply for the Champion Seller achievement. If you meet the requirements below, you will automatically qualify. 
    How to Become a Konga Champion Seller:
    1. Be a seller on Konga for at least 90 days.
    2. Have a minimum of 80 verified sales transactions every month for the past 90 days.
    3. Have a shipment rate of 85% or higher for the past 90 days
    4. Have a cancellation rate of 5% or lower for the past 90 days
    5. Have a return rate of 6% or lower for the past 90 days
    6. Maintain a positive feedback score of 85% or higher on Product Quality and Communication.
    7. Adhere to our Seller Policy. 
    8. Have an arbitration rate of 0.1% for the past 90 days.
    9. Have 0 suspension count for the past 90 days.
    What YOU get as  a Konga Champion Seller:
    1. $5,000 Worth of Digital Advertising Effort for your Store
    2. Free Digital Marketing Training by Google
    3. 2 Months Free Gold Subscription Plan
    4. Store Feature across ALL our Social Media Pages 
    How to Keep Your Standards High for the Champion Seller Achievement:
    1. Accurately describe your products to meet buyer expectations and reduce returns
    2. Use pictures that capture exactly how your product looks
    3. Sell only quality items and ship out orders on time to avoid having the system cancel orders due to non-shipment.
    4. Provide great after sales service to every buyer to avoid Konga’s Money Back Guarantee claims and negative feedback.
    5. Make sure you have the item in stock to avoid the need to cancel a transaction.
    6. Always act promptly to resolve any issue from customer to avoid having arbitration cases
    7. Follow our Seller Academy to learn more on how to remain a successful seller.
    Kind Regards,
    Your Konga Mall Team.

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