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  • High Rate Of Return Items Due To Late Delivery

    Shipping and Delivery Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • Amaka A Amaka A S
    Please I beg Konga to do something about the high rate of Return items most especially from the south south, south east, north regions of Nigeria. I complained about this issue before and was told that measures are in place to resolve this issue. This is nice at all. Items shipped are held for close to 2- 3 weeks and are not delivered in the end due to late delivery. This has really affected my business. If K- express cannot improve on this, then we should be given options of regions to sell products to or better still provide other delivery options. Am not happy at all.


  • OA
    Posted 4 years ago
    It is really sad the rate of returns from the south south especially Port Hacourt. An item with order number F607837965001 was returned to me yesterday without any notification. On checking from my back end, i was told it was rejected by the customer, I called her and she informed me that she was never called by Konga that her item had arrived and how could she return an item she never saw or was ever told of its arrival. Another item with order number F995438445001 from the same PH was returned also with the message that it was rejected. I called the customer again n he said he informed Konga that he was off shore and will pick the item once he gets in. On getting in, he was told the mandatory 5 days had elapsed and the were mandated to return the item even though it was still with them at the Konga office. These 2 incidents and the excessively long delivery time has made selling on Konga a bad experience. We have to be allowed to ship our items ourselves and provide better service than what is currently in existence. Personally, all the complaints i have made to Konga have gone unheeded. i will update prices of goods on my store but it will not be updated on the Konga marketplace and i end up selling at a price that is now less than my cost price because of the fall of the Naira against the dollar. So many colours of products are not available on Konga so we can't sell, many sizes for Lingerie are not available on konga, I never see the sizes of products ordered so i have to go to the back end to check the SKU number which should not be and after several calls and emails, i can now say i am tired of it and have decided to just hope for the best.
  • Ebere O B
    Posted 4 years ago
    Hello Amaka, Apologies for this. When self-fulfill is launched you will still have the option of using k-express or any other courier service like DHL,EMS, CHISCO, COURIER PLUS to ship your orders. You can also choose to deliver to buyers yourself or ask them to pick-up at your store.
    Please rest assured that all your pending orders will be returned. Kindly send a mail to mall@konga.com with the affected order numbers.
    For more information on self-fulfill orders, kindly view the following links

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