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  • hian

    Store Management Created 2 years ago | Updated 2 years ago
  • uo
    uchenna o S
    helloooooooooooooooooooooooo, code red so this is my first time here and i keep trying to save an item and it keeps telling me that the price should be more than the discounted price for variant 3 while i have only one variant please what is happening. two why cant my seller mentor just pick up his call for crying out loud, if you know hmofashion please tell him to pick up am not the police 


  • da
    dimeji a B
    Posted 2 years ago
    Hello Uchenna,
    Thank you for calling our attention to this. Kindly try the option suggested by Akorede as that should solve the problem and revert if you are still having same challenges.
  • AO
    Akorede O S
    Posted 2 years ago
    What the system is trying to tell you is,the price you is imputed in the discount section must be lower to the actual price.
    Maybe you 5000 as the actual price of the product,and you are now inputting 6.5k as the discount price,you know this is misleading, as the promo price is even more than the actual price.so the system is only telling you amend that section.
    Try and look at what have elucidated now,and you should be able to go further,if its not another issue ooo.

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