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  • Have Sales Been Slow Lately? Here’s How To Sell More

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • tF
    teju F Konga Moderator
    Do you want to know the trade secrets behind some of the top selling stores on Konga Mall?  
    To help you record more sales and improve your overall store performance or if you are a new seller looking to get started on a good sales note, we have put together some tips and advice from our top sellers that we believe are doing something right, making them have consistent high sales record and store performance. Based on a survey we recently carried out, we asked them, ‘what advice can you give sellers on Konga Mall looking to build their online businesses like yours?’ Their responses have been shared below: 
    BE VERY SIMPLE & CLEAR –Analysis paralysis is also real among online shoppers. When you bombard your potential buyers with too much information that is considered irrelevant, they will simply become unsure, confused on what to buy and then move on to a store with clarity. This is more evident among impulse shoppers who may not have a budget but simply looking around to purchase what will catch their eyes/fancy the most. All a buyer wants is to buy what you are selling as quickly as possible. Make it very easy for them to do so. 
    KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE SELLING- It’s not just for you to know the name of your product and the supplier of such products. As a seller, you need to understand how your products work and operate. This knowledge will come handy in cases where there are returned situations or authenticity issues. When you talk about a product you are very conversant with, the buyer will sense deep passion and knowledge when communicating with you. You will also be able to educate the buyer on how to use the product in cases of first time users. Nothing projects you as a trusted seller to a buyer more than understanding exactly what you sell and knowing how to get the best out if it. 
    LISTEN TO YOUR MARKET AND YOUR OWN INSTINCTS- It’s not enough that baby products are the latest source of excess income. As a seller, you need to listen to what your market is requesting to buy. Are you selling shoes in high volumes? Have you considered stocking shoe pads? Are you selling baby cribs? Have you thought about stocking crib nets especially in Nigeria where malaria is still the leading cause of death in infants and even grown-ups? While you may be making money if you decide to sell just one of these items, being able to listen to what your buyers are not asking for will definitely double that revenue.  So when next that female buyer wants to purchase a washing machine, recommend that compatible detergent that works better with that machine, and at probably a cheaper cost. Simply listen to what your market isn’t saying and offer it to them before asking. 
    NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF GREAT QUALITY PICTURES IN A REAL LIFE SETTING- Yes, images in white backgrounds are beautiful to see and can be a compelling way to convince buyers to place that order. However, new studies have shown that images taken in real life setting convinces a buyer more about completing that order. This is because, an image in a real life setting communicates clearly the exact way the item will look when the buyer purchases especially for items with varying sizes. For instance a plus size or medium size model wearing the actual gown gives the buyer an idea/overview on how the dress will look on her frame, as compared to showing a dress on a hanger in a white background. This also applies to rugs placed in a real life floor setting to show the size, throw pillows placed on a settee to convince the buyer if/whether to go with the specific colors on sale. 
    FOCUS ON EACH CUSTOMER WITH OBSESSION- It may seem impossible especially when your products are being ordered like a N250 baby dress but giving each customer that passes through your store that special attention will go a long way in ensuring they remain repeated customers. Studies have shown that customers stick to one seller not as a result of low prices or discounts but the pre and post service received from such seller. Been lagging behind in the use of ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ when dealing with your buyers? Now is the time to upgrade. Every customer appreciates gratification. Now’s the time to create loyal customers and breed good word of mouth through common courtesy. Any emails that you receive, answer as quickly as you can and be as helpful and as friendly as you can. You should make your customers feel that by purchasing your product, you are entering a relationship with them. Your customers and future customers are your livelihood and you need to make them feel confident in what you are offering and that they will be taken care of throughout the ownership of that product. 
    SELL YOUR STORE THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA & HAVE A PERSONALITY- Not sure of the difference between Facebook and Instagram? Now is the time to revise the Social Media Presentation documents shared by the Konga team to help you learn how to make money from your social media platforms. Post great images of products you have for sale on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the links to your Konga store where they can make the purchase, a short story about the product, the quantities available for sale and the price. You can even throw in a free delivery for shoppers looking to make more than one purchase or if it’s going out as a gift. Create an exciting social media personality that makes buyers want to build that lasting relationship with you.  
    Got some other tips to share with other sellers? You can drop a comment here. 
    Happy Selling!


  • OO
    Oluwafemi O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    At a time I had made sales to 16 customers, I sent personalised audio messages to them. I appreciated them by their names. Everything in 56 seconds. 9 of them patronised me within the next 10 days after receiving the messages.
  • tF
    teju F Konga Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago
    Thank you for your feedback Eniola. The functionality to upload videos is currently not available on SellerHQ. However, this has been forwarded  to our developers for review and consideration.
    @Chidozie, your request is also being considered as we  are aware statistics will help you understand more the products/services to focus on. Our developers are looking for effective and measurable ways to have this service available to all sellers and once it's being considered, an update will be provided. 
    In the meantime, you can consider leveraging on friends with knowledgeable expertise in SEO and Content production as they will have expert opinions on ways to generally optimize your online store. 
  • CO
    Chidozie O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Also, I think Web Analytics is one of the best way of measuring customer's interest for your product. With that you can know how many people looked at your product and how long they stayed on a page. We can make appropriate decision on how we can improve the content. Can you please let your developers integrate a form of analytics for each posted product that shows the number of potential customer's visit for each product. That will motivate us to improve our content.
  • EG
    Eniola G S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Wonderful ideas! Video is another great way of achieving sales. The customer gets to see how the product works. This also reduce disputes. 
    Please are we allowed to insert our video links in product description?

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