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  • From The Director Konga Marketplace: More On The Quality Assurance Process Review

    General Discussion Created 1 year ago | Updated 1 year ago
  • OO
    Omolara O Konga Moderator
    Dear Partner,
    You have spoken and we have listened, we appreciate your feedback and we value all concerns raised. We are continuously committed to ensuring that you have a rewarding experience while selling on our platform. 
    E-commerce, as you know, is new in this part of the world and is gradually gaining a lot of acceptance. Together, we have built a marketplace that houses the widest range of products in Nigeria. However, we get a number of complaints around wrong/incomplete items getting delivered and improper handling of merchant packages. These have become a source of great concern to us. 
    To guaranty trust on our platform, we have reviewed our ingestion location Quality Assurance Process by introducing the following changes and we are trusting that you will join forces with us to put a stop to these issues.
    A. Introducing Serialized Packaging Materials 
    To enable seamless validation of your shipment in the event of a failed delivery, we will be introducing serialized packaging materials. These materials will be available online(on KONGA.com) at a highly subsidized rate. We understand how this impacts the cost of trading on the platform hence we will be offering further discounts for merchant's subscribed to our Gold and Silver plan on all packaging materials.
    With the serialized packaging materials, the chances that your items will be tampered with has been minimized.
    An example of a merchant's past experience:
    Merchant shipped an “Infinix mobile phone’ to a customer in Niger state, however, the delivery for this item failed and the order was sent back to the merchant in Lagos as a return. At the point of retrieval, merchant finds out that the mobile phone he had shipped had been swapped with a “Smartwatch”.
    B. Merchant Drop off Grouping   
    1. Compliant Group - This group allows all merchants to ship their orders without having their package checked. This means that all you need do is drop off your already packaged order (packaged with Konga packaging material). All merchants belong to the compliant group until they have defaulted. 
    2. Non-compliant Group - Merchants will ONLY join this group after confirmed cases of wrong and incomplete shipment. Merchants in this group will have their packages checked at the point of ingestion before shipment is accepted. Every item shipped by merchants in this group will attract an extra charge. 
    NB: Please be informed that merchants who eventually fall in this group will be placed on probation for a period of 2 months after which they will be reviewed. The review will be based on the number of orders that come in as wrong or incomplete items within the 2 month period. 
    How do I fall into the Non-Compliant Group?
    1. One confirmed case of wrong shipment
    2. Three confirmed cases of incomplete items in shipment.
    Our Objective
    Improve the buying and selling experience on our platform by reducing the following:
    1. the number of wrong shipment
    2. the number of complaints on incomplete items shipment  
    3. the average time spent by merchants at drop off locations.
    What are we Changing?
    1.  Serialized packaging materials will now be sold on Konga.com.
    2. Subscribed  merchants will enjoy further discounts on packaging materials
    3. Compliant merchants will not have their orders checked at the point of ingestion
    4. Non-compliant merchants will be charged on every item ingested and will also be made to undergo shipment check at ingestion centers
    The reviewed quality assurance process will kick off on Friday, 1st September 2017. However, packaging materials will be available for sale before the stated date.
    We value your partnership and we look forward to your continued cooperation.


  • KA
    Posted 1 year ago
    there are more options than they thought, is only that i dont like jumping around. i just found a very promising platform. it might benefit those that are in lagos as their vendor and probably their agent nation wide. is a new concept entirely very similar to a platform here in UK. it worth looking into. www.commissions.ng
  • morzook b S
    Posted 1 year ago
    'We value your partnership and we look forward to your continued cooperation.' 
    the above has to be the biggest joke of the year. Konga doesn't place a value on their sellers. if they do, they'd at least listen to us to some extent. they know we are all here because there's really no other place we can migrate to thus their irresponsible and high handed rules. Soon, one after the other, we all would find our way out and we shall see who'd remain on the platform.
    monthly fees, high commissions, erratic delivery service, late payment, nonchalant customer service personnel and you still want us to buy packaging materials! konga branded materials at that and we are partners? I spend #100 printing invoices and now i have to buy packaging materials. 
    partners my a**  
  • KA
    Posted 1 year ago
    Yes i know where the idea is coming from but to says the fact konga has ojukokoro. plesse help me translate. Now from jumai, does jumai ask their seller to pay monthly subscription, what they should understand is that thou they are both ecommerce platform they should not follow each other blindly. if jumai is like them  they too could have introduce subscription since.
    Konga save your face and back out of this idea and keep your integrity
  • OB
    Omolara B S
    Posted 1 year ago
    Thank you Kehinde A. Honestly, more fees are coming our way with Konga because konga won't stop. They do not care what we think or say. All they see is their bottom line even if they have to succumb to mediocrity. When you borrow ideas from competition make sure that does it's not an idea that averages your brand. Konga borrowed this idea from Jumia. For me, Jumia's seems to be mediocre with their platform and that's the reason why I chose Konga over them. After now, I would consider other side now that Konga has succeeded in averaging themselves. 
    The most disappointing part is how they wove a lot of stories around this new process as if it was a life safer. We are not morons. We see the heart of the new process. 
  • KA
    Posted 1 year ago
    Thank you so much Omolara B, you are just my person!!!!, you always speaks my mind. I have been reading and watching at the background before but I cant no longer be just watching this act of dictatorship and insensitivities without leading my voice.
    Common Konga, who are those that sit around your executive table and bring out all this ridiculous law, I think they need to be fired and bring on board those that can really think decision thru, the pros and cons, the advantage and disadvantages of any decision before you present it to the public. I must says this is another flop from you and it does not measure up to international standard.
     As Omolara said you want us to pay for your advertisement, common this is 21st century, we are not a morons who you can just forced things down their throat and you want it to stay like that. Please give us a satisfactory answers to every point Omolara B raised before we can buy into this idea of packaging. All the explanation you have given I found it very unacceptable, unprofessional and selfish.
    I am privileged to be a seller with EBay UK, they have their branded packaging and is not mandatory for you as a seller to use them. if you warehouse your items with them and they fulfilled orders on your behave of course they use it  and will be included on your commission. I understand we are not in the same environment but nevertheless you need to operate within our own content with fairness to all parties.
    Of all the platform in Nigeria you are still the cheapest in terms of shipping and now you want to over burden your sellers with the part of the overheads and at the same time takes the praise from the buyer that your shipping is the cheapest. hmmm that is not what we call fairness. The simplest thing to do is to increase the shipping fees to the amount that will be ok for you not in anyway should it be sellers headaches.
    To the buyer you might be cheapest in terms of shipping but to us sellers you are the most expensive platform to sell a product. Your commission is high and at same time you are the only platform that charge monthly subscription and now you are bent on introducing another fees and who knows yet another is coming and you seems to be getting away with it. For goodness sake is there nobody that regulate your activities?
    With all been said, I know from experience Konga like many Nigeria company does not listen to their customers and I wont be surprise if you are adamant to go ahead with this.
  • OB
    Omolara B S
    Posted 1 year ago
    With all being said, the process has begun this September already. Kindly address these concerns.
    1. When KOS computed cost of shipping items did they not include cost of shipping materials? I assume they did. If they did not, isn't it appropriate that they should now include it in the shipping cost and revise their cost if need be. I'm not a courier company why should I bear part of their overhead? 
    2. The shipping bags is another form of advertisement . It carries the Konga.com brand, KOS brand and the Konga Pay logo. It has their numbers printed all over it. If I have to purchase these bags why can't it have my store name\logo included since we are in partnership. Afterall, my store is paying for the bag.
    3. With the 7 days return policy in mind, please what measures have you put in place to ensure that merchants do not suffer loss from fraudulent persons who might swap merchants items and return them within 7 days. Since this process review has removed Konga as a valid adjudicator. Because if Konga cannot ascertain what I shipped to the customer at point of absorption, how then can they be a true judge when issues arise and all they have is the buyers word against the merchants word. For example, I sold a Levi blue jean from the US and customer returns an imitation of Levi blue jean from Idumota. 
    From past experience, my guess is that Konga will likely take sides with the buyer. 
    4. How do I ensure that a seller does not put me in " non-complaint" group out of a false claim. Now that Konga has removed themselves from the equation as a valid mediator. 
  • ON
    Onyinye N S
    Posted 1 year ago
    I totally agree with other marchants, even though my store will be part of the people getting at lower rate; this is quite in called for. 
    There are many price compare sites for consumers, and many of my customers outside Lagos already shy away from ordering from konga due to lack of professionalism by the delivery men. 
    All these fees will mean we all have to review our prices to reflect these new fees
  • aj
    adesanya j B
    Posted 1 year ago
    I quite agree with my fellow merchants here, I don't see any need for us buying packaging materials, konga makes money on shipping and we also pay commissions, shouldn't that cover such expenses? It won't be nice if we all start increasing the price of our items because of all these charges u are requesting. Remember there are other e-commerce platforms and buyers can easily compare prices.if our prices get too high, we don't get patronage and u konga also won't make money.so whatever policy u come up with, make sure u think it through very well. Also this store sanction issue is sometimes unfair as its not our fault sometimes, there are so many unserious buyers out there, u should also sanction buyers.  
  • OB
    Omolara B S
    Posted 1 year ago
    @ Director Konga Market place. Konga Market Place is becoming a more difficult and unattractive place to do business. It's fast becoming a brittle experience where you have to walk on egg shells. Sanction here, sanction there. 
    Please how many sanctions do you have in place for buyers who do not hold up on their end of the bargain? because I just had another irritating experience with a buyer today who ordered a pacifier for 6 -18 months and returned the item. A chat with the customer if she had any issue with the item revealed that she claimed to have ordered for 0-18 months and 6-18 months was delivered. But she was wrong! she ordered 6 -18 month which was the correct item that was delivered. The details were there in the printed in black and white in the receipt which she failed to acknowledge. Isn't that part of the reason Konga insisted that merchants should include these receipts in the parcel? Who will reimburse me for the =N=100 that was used to print out receipt for this order or the transportation that was expended at getting the item to KOS.
    We are saying that we do not want to throw away more money as we are small scale merchants trying to survive a weak economy. So Director, when you say you have listened, I beg to differ that you have. If you insist that you listened then you have shown no form of empathy for us. You have only come to shove down this new directive down our throat. 
    Not all merchants sends wrong and incomplete items to customers. Such merchants do not have this problems. In the absence of a problem there's no need for a solution. This solution is not a solution to those who do not have this problem rather it's an hindrance and an avenue to throw away more money. And the problem you're trying to prove exist is caused partly by some merchant and some buyers. The bottom line is you're trying to cut down on your cost for this packaging materials and you want to shift it to merchants. Subsidy has always been a lie in Nigeria. We know better.
    Let's call a spade a spade it's an extortion!
    It's not industry practice by any standard ever for a logistic firm to ask their customer to buy packaging materials.
    I expected that Konga will turn this into a win-win instead of insisting on a win-loose. By saying that OK, we acknowledge your concerns are real for this reason's we have resolved that;
    1. Since the packaging materials are going to be serialized which makes every package traceable to the merchant there won't be any need for merchants to print out receipts to accompany parcels. Thus it reduces the cost of fulfilling an order by the merchant. After all, orders where made online and receipts can be mailed online to such customers. Not only that, the environment gets saved with little impact like this as most of this receipts end up in trash cans and land fills. After all going green is also a social responsibility for all , less paper, less cost, happy merchant and better environment.
    2. Give merchants the choice to source for their own packaging materials if they wish and are able to. This will show good faith that Konga isn't trying to milk merchants as most of us already believe. 
    Please Konga, throw some action behind your favorite line " We value your partnership". There's no partnership without compromise.
  • AA
    Aminat A S
    Posted 1 year ago
    It is sad to see that Konga has taken this path.
    Merchants incur costs for printing order summary, and transport for drop offs for orders we HOPE wont be returns with the high rate of unserious buyers placing orders.
    Then we pick up the returns at a cost.
    There  is also the high commissions charged for those that dont pay "rent".
    Now we have to order materials on konga.com for materials. That means we pay for delivery to Kexpress to buy the materials (another revenue for Konga!)when that can also be bought at drop off points when one processes an order.
    We keep incurring costs and also trying to beat down prices as buyers can just search on other sites to compare prices with one click.
    This doesnt look mutually beneficial. There are many SMEs on Konga trying to strive with this economy. We want Konga to succeed......and also want Konga to look for ways to make MERCHANTS succeed too.
    If we keep increasing the prices of goods how can we be competitive?
    Please review this policy.

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