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  • Feedback to Konga!!!!!!!

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • A
    Atinuke S
    I would like to start off by saying ..."This forum was created in order to make the marketplace community richer, learn from each other and operate better" Yeah, i understand there is a code of conduct for posting but lets be honest...how effective is getting responses or issues resolved through mall@konga.com.'>mall@konga.com. Most of the time, i come here when i dont hear back from that channel or if the response i got is not helpful. 
    For example - 
    i sent an email  about 2 delivered orders that are yet to be confirmed by the buyer, and 3 working days already past, only to get a response after 2 days advising me to update the order from my seller dashboard - i.e. update the order to reflect delivered...Pls note that these orders were already marked as delivered on mySHQ...
    i sent another email about a lump sum escrow amount that was deducted from my wallet. i could not get the breakdown of the invoice on MySHQ, error message was always displaying so i sent an email with the invoice number and amount, again after waiting 2 days, i got a response asking me for the order number. i can continue with the list but i will stop....
    Konga Team - If this forum is not for complaints, as moderators are quick to pull down/close threads....then please please and please look into responding more efficiently through the appropriate channels. Calling to the call center most of the time, the calls are been dropped maybe due to bad network. Most of the feedback that are given here are constructive and if the goal is to learn from each other and operate better then i don't understand why some threads are deleted, closed or pulled down especially if they don't violate the code of conduct. If sellers are not getting the right response from mall@konga.com, the only other option is to come on this forum, so fix that and i guess you will see less complains on this forum...
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  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    All Users (Merchants and Customers) are free to discuss experiences on the Forum, however we will request you keep your comments and posts constructive, also refrain from using certain words and phrases when making a suggestion or contributing to an ongoing discussion. 
  • HK
    Henri K B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello @Ebere O, I am a bit confused here , you said the forum is not a complaint/dispute resolution channel, what then is this forum for? Are we only to come to the forum to share the good stories and not the bad? I do not know if this is available on your own web page, but if you scroll down this page to the end, it shows on the bottom left hand side of the page "Konga Forum Where buyers and sellers meet to discuss their Konga experience.". Does that not mean we sellers are free to discuss our experiences on the Konga website? Really confused.
  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Atinuke,
    Thank you for your feedback, while we understand all raised concerns and are continually looking into ways to  provide the best experience selling on the Konga Mall. We will urge you as our Merchant to please bear with us as we resolve any existing issues you have.
    Please note, the  forum is not a complaint  / dispute resolution channel, all complaints are to be forwarded to the appropriate channels, for proper documentation and a timely resolution. 
    mall@konga.com ( For Merchants) , help@konga.com ( For Customers)
    Complaint posts, post that contain personal details, posts that may incite highly negative reactions all violate the forum code of conduct and are deleted immediately, repeated violations can lead to a user ban from the platform.
    For further constructive feedback / suggestions on our existing services, you may send an email to suggestions@konga.com
  • Modupe A S
    Posted 3 years ago
    You have spoken and I pray Konga listens. It is quite frustrating!

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