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  • Fake Nike Roshes and Adidas NMD Xr1's sold to me

    Trust & Safety Created 2 years ago | Updated 2 years ago
  • SK
    Seye K B
    Hello, I am seye kehinde a constant and loyal customer to konga. on the 16th of august i ordered blue nike roshes sold by TMG store on your website, 24,000 naira, the order came in 3 days later, i reviewed it and found out the shoe said US size 8 which was my size, but when i put it on it was just too tight, this was very strange to me and i suspected foul play somewhere, so i called the store and complained, they apologised and promised to ship another of my size tthe next day, after which they called and said my size was no longer available, its strange to me because my size was exactly size 8 but the shoe was too tight. they then offered to have me exchange it for free with an adidas NMD xr1 shoe of my choice, which they later on brought today. i was not home so my mom got the shoes on my behalf, she claimed they didnt give her a box and even complained that she should give the man 1000 naira as delivery fee which was never agreed on, so i basically got a boxeless adidas shoe which in my experience should never be, i reviewed the shoe and after checking online for the certified adidas nmd xr1, i found out this shoe only came out yesterday, in Europe! and isnt to be released till the 25th in Africa, even the details of the shoe were in NO WAY constant with that of what was on the adidas online store! i am very upset and if you do not want to lose a loyal consistent customer like me, please i request your process my 24000 naira refund as soon as possible and block this seller from konga, as he sells fake shoes for the price of real ones, and for future purpose i suggest you run all items placed on konga through quality assurance, this is very upsetting and if i have to write an article based on poor quality assurance about KONGA.COM i will not hesitate to do that because in this 2016 age of e-commerce this is just too bad, and you people have a very poor track record of customer care, last time i checked, last year I bought a fake rayban sunglass and i complained to you guys directly, you just apologised and never took action and the seller never answered me again,hopefully your policies have changed, and i refuse to sit back and be ripped off of 24000 naira in this hard economy. i await your reply. thank you. 
    Seye Kehinde (Jnr)
    Junior Editor-in-chief,
    City People Magazine


  • OO
    Omolara O Konga Moderator
    Posted 2 years ago
    Hello Seye,
    We apologize for your experience, your complaint will be investigated. You will be contacted by a Customer service representative shortly.

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