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  • Ephraim

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • EO
    Ephraim O S
    Thank you for the opportunity to air my view as regards to the hq platform.
    Right from the first time I got the mail for merchants having the option of making deliveries, I had mixed feelings knowing fully well there will be more disadvantages than advantage.
    Telling a merchant to pay for delivery at the point of shipment when the buyer has not paid is really not partnership anymore. Who bears the cost when products are returned?
    Lately the rate of returns is alarming, is total not acceptable. 
    I also saw a notice at one of your drop off points telling us(merchants) to start paying for packaging of items for delivery. You pay for cartons if you are using cartons for packaging your products, also, you pay for bubble wrap in yards and also pay a particular amount depending on the weight of your item and the destination.
    What becomes the total cost of this product for the enduser. 
    Please a lot should be considered before this takes effect. Look at it carefully from all perspective(konga, merchant and buyer). If possible a community meeting will go a long way.
    Thank you
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