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  • Effect of Fuel Scarcity on fulfilling orders.

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • Ezekiel E Ezekiel E S
    Hello Konga, just want to draw your attention to this prevailing situation in the country which is negatively affecting businesses.
    Fulfilling orders during this period might be a bit difficult due to the scarcity of fuel and the hike in transportation. 
    So pls kindly increase the time limit in accepting orders and fulfilling them.
    To my fellow merchants what is the way out???


  • AF
    Posted 3 years ago
    I will advise you to change your shipping method to Konga express. I'm not trying to advertise Konga Express but it seems easier and economical
  • VV
    Valentine V S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hi Ezekiel
    Kindly send a mail to mall@konga.com

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