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    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • JO
    Juliet O S
    The volume of delayed and prolonged deliveries with K Express is becomming worrisome. Especially when we talk about Improving our Delivery Rates to Increase our Sales. The fact is this Konga, I am very sure 80% of us sellers do ship out our orders within 24hrs of the order coming in. Problem is K Express is way too slow in delivery of our products. 
    Instances where products get to customers after about 18 days (May 25th - June 11th) is completely unacceptable. Ofcourse the products end up being rejected because they are of no more use to the customers. 
    Konga needs to think hard of a way out because, the volume of returns we are encourtering due to delayed delivery is enormous. 
    Two options can readily come to mind:-
    1) Konga should have a check mate and a penalty for the franchises of K Express to ensure prompt delivery.
    2) Konga should start the pre-paid system which will in turn allow sellers ship through other means comfortably and enable the customers receive their products with much faster speed.
    The fact remains that no matter how much we try to advertise, the best tool of advertisement is an efficient service which is prompt delivery. That certainly will become a selling point for konga and win much more satisfied customers to konga.


  • ES
    Eviebor S S
    Posted 3 years ago
    The problems of Konga vis-a-vis K-Express are as follows;
    1. They have put too much staff at the drop-off points thereby having not as many dispatchers as possible to cover areas. The area the dispatchers cover is too much in a day, hence their inability to meet up, and they end up lying that delivery was attempted.
    2. Why pack orders at the drop-off points? One could simply do that from the house. If you do this, you have succeeded in reducing the number of employees in the area, then increase the number of dispatchers.
    3. Why do orders have to be processed at drop-off points for shipping? We all have special Store IDS, and since order numbers are usually the same as the tracking numbers, we could either create tracking numbers using our shop IDs if we are shipping via K-Express, or use the order number as tracking number, then print out the shipping labels and then drop-off. 
    As you already know, the self-fulfil via other couriers is a lot easier for sellers, but for POD reasons, most sellers still result to using K-Express.
    4. Finally, sellers should be given konga branded fliers to use to prepare and package the orders for drop-off at the centres. By this, you would only have two staff at the drop-off centres,(1 security and 1 admin staff). 
    I believe that when these recommendations are implemented, konga and k-express will thrive.
  • NO
    Nosakhare O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    i order some items and i was called if i am ready to collect the order and i said no but i will be available the next day but since that day the dispatcher did not call neither came back. pls also i want konga to make available the dispatchers numbers if possible becos i waited and waited and i had to cancel the order and reordered again. this is a delay
  • as
    adedotun s B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Konga please look into this your process of Franchising of some K-express unit, I received 30 returned order last week, yesterday i received another 30 returned orders, I called all the customer for the previous week returns and most said no one contacted them about any delivery some complained about the delivery charges, now another 30 return ......... Please am processing order or making sales?, am here to make sales not to process order that will be returned ...... yes maybe some this customer lied about been contacted or not but 60 return within a space of 7 days is not acceptable, i have been on Konga since April 2014 and have not seen this rate of returns before and i do not want to believe Konga is attracting a higher rate of unserious buyer than before.
    Please at what point does a merchant get a return notification, cause yesterday i received 7 return notification, for the past 2-3 weeks now its been an average of 4 return notification daily, am i to call the customers when i get this notification? are the orders already on their way back to the merchant at this point? 
    I Spend a significant amount money and time daily to drop this orders and for me to be getting this level of returns cause someone somewhere not doing their job right is really not reasonable at all.
  • A
    Atinuke S
    Posted 3 years ago
    I actually logged onto this forum to write on this particular issue. I currently have 5 orders that are in this status: surulere to Lagos, surulere to ikoyi.....orders taking over 10days within lagos and still not yet delivered to the customer. some are actually at the local KEX office with no movement since June 6th. Konga this is not acceptable, you guys are quick to send email to sellers asking them to fulfil others on time or even cancel orders if not shipped or accepted on time. But who is holding KExpress accountable for all these delayed deliveries. Sellers are hurting as a result of this once an order of takes too long the customer end up returning or rejecting the item. This needs to stop...:I currently have an order under arbitration because of delivery dispute - no further explanation/reason was given for the delayed delivery...again someone needs to be held accountable it can't be just be sellers hurting from this mess, I am close to shutting down my store as the stress is just too much, double standards if you can hold sellers accountable for delays in accepting/shipping then the same should apply to KExpress.
  • EJ
    Ekebuike J S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Am jst 2 sure , k exp is kongas major set bak.,
    too many returns when the customer is callng and disturbing 4 their orders

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