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  • Dealing with fake/unserious or childish customers

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • OA
    Hello Guys,
                        I want to share this with everyone to know what i did wrong. A customer placed an order from my store (A BROWN ZARA OFFICE BAG TO BE PRECISE). I called him to ask if he would like me to deliver it or konga. He asked me to deliver it to him. So i sent out a delivery personnel to go deliver the item. On getting there the customer met with the delivery person and told HE THOUGHT THE BAG WAS BLACK!!! can you imagine that!!! This is an item with clear pictures. I sensed it was one of those time wasters as my delivery person called me to tell me his response. I called the buyer and asked what happened? He said he thought it was black. i was forced to ask was he blind? He cut the phone on me. i tried calling back but he refused to pick the call.
    The next thing the man said hes gonna sue me Ooo!!! Lool.
    I thought it was a joke. I kept calling back but he didn't pick. i actually wanted to hear him say it to me over the phone. I guess he must be desperate for a case since he passed bar but not sure how to get one. So he feels this is a good avenue for him to give it a shot!!!   
    He's been watching too much series these days. e.g SUITS


  • OA
    Posted 3 years ago
    Olowofila, Nice point that was. Am totally on your side on that. 20k is a lot to be held back in this business not to talk of 50k. In as much as we just wish we could sell our stuffs and get the money instantly am afraid its not possible due to so many reasons affecting our system in Nigeria. Nonetheless, i believe IF Konga can keep up the good work & thrive to becoming better; Then i believe we might have a way of getting our money almost immediately. Its very hard doing business in Nigeria independently really cus no one is ready to borrow you money, bank loans are just bank loans for the sake of it in Nigeria. They ask you to bring or tender documents worth millions before your loan request can be considered. Would i have applied if i had such property in the first place. Bottom line is that there's no one ready to give out money so we merchant use the money we make from sales to buy more goods. The later the money comes in the slower the business gets and we all know having more products on konga increases the chances of sales 90% each day.
  • OS
    Olowofila S B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Omowunmi, Nice Idea., @Olufolarin, great piece too. I think those 2 contributions of yours should be taken to the table for implementation right away. A mode of customer rating, an indication for first-timers (which will suggest to the seller the level of service priority to offer and also take into consideration the risk of getting disappointed) and of course, KOS Delivery System. I arrantly agree with Olufolarin on his suggestion for the improvement of that system., i hardly see a better option. So please Konga., as much as you're trying to make your platform a friendly one for buyers, you should also take into consideration the backend of a Successful Online Market (we sellers). Thanks
    Distinguished merchants, want to suggest that known goods, worth 50k and above should be striped of Pay-On-Delivery option, since Konga runs an escrow system and also offers a minimum of 3 days return policy, buyers can be sure their money is in safe hands while they review the item delivered them.
  • OA
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Miriam, you're totally right. We hope they get better though i know they will get better its just that no one knows how soon. Nonetheless, i believe our continuous complaints will be the only way to keep reminding them. 
  • MW
    Miriam W B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Fellow seller take heart and keep hoping for more successful sales. I am very sure that customer was out to waste someone's time that bag is clearly brown. 
    I have 8 returns this week and counting I spare myself the extra stress of calling them again as the loss will only increase and I might get angry by their reasons (for those that will pick their call). konga will find a way out of this soon. I use KOS for 99% of my shipping & sometimes I wonder how they cope with the return shipping loss
  • OA
    Posted 3 years ago
    Exactly@ Adeola. It is really really annoying sending out someone to deliver all in the name of making sales. Hoping to pay the delivery person as soon as the customer pays. You can imagine a customer placing orders worth close to 68,000 Naira. These items were sent out for delivery immediately (SAME DAY). The orders got there and the customer goes "NA PLAY I DEY PLAY Oooo, PERSON NO FIT FOLLOW UNA PLAY AGAIN". 
    It is becoming and becoming of most customers messing around checking if buying on the platform is real or not. I do blame Konga for all these actually because it is due to the flaws of Konga's delivery department that made them come up with the self fulfill program. Am sure IF konga can look into their delivery service and make it better all these will stop. 
    Though making deliveries ourselves made things a bit better but its not smart sending an item worth 3000 to a customer in sokoto. The cost of the item is lower than the cost of transportation. meanwhile the set of people delivering for Konga are not reliable at all. Can you imagine delivery men flashing a customer he's meant to deliver to. Am sure Konga must have arranged for money to credit their phones or give them cards to load up for whole day delivery. Its either they spend the money on ogogoro or use the card for their own personal life. Most times they don't even get to the destination at all and they return the item back not knowing or aware its affecting the seller's credibility on the site.
    When an item is returned it brings down 1% from seller's delivery rate which is bad. There should be different types of returns. 
    1) Deliberate return of item by customers due to reasonable excuse
    2) Return because customer was not at home. (which doesn't still make sense to me because customers are meant to be called and informed about the deliveries before attempting to deliver). They just jump on their bike then hope & pray they meet the customer at home.
    I've received 6 orders back the same week as returned items but guess what these items weren't opened at all. they came back exactly the way i packed it (Thanks to self fulfill i knew how i packed it before sending). I took it upon myself to call and find out why these items were returned so i can fix up if the fault was mine. Only 1 person got the order and confirmed the item was big. The rest are still expecting to get the order delivered and no one has call them about it.
    Reorganize the delivery department. Let someone with solid experience and knowledge take up the job to manage that area. Educate your delivery men on how to achieve being the best at their job. Set a standard for them, create a solid bond between them and their job. Pay them based on how many successful deliveries they make. Believe me they will fix up. Create a competition sort of act within the department (The person with most successful deliveries gets a bonus of a reasonable and tangible amount weekly or monthly, award them and put value on the award, you can even post them inside newspaper for people to see) Trust me you will stunned at the rate at which konga's delivery rate will shoot up and get better. 
    create a policy that let buyers be responsible for a certain % of logistic fee IF item is returned (Maybe they will have to start using microscope to differentiate between black bag and brown). Anyone that refuses will be punished in a way (Block their acct, suspended from buying on konga for a while, create a review option for sellers to express themselves about buyers). there are many other ways konga can go about this. There are plenty more solutions and ideas on how to set, improve and keep a very good standards but i cant say all that here.
    Finally i do really have to commend KONGA on what they are doing and done so far. Regardless the ups and downs from both sellers and buyers on this platform i still do believe Konga has blessed a lot of people in so many ways. most people run their businesses from home. No money to rent shop but with the platform we all can testify that they've helped our lives more than how we were few years ago. So please KONGA, work on these things and am sure you will move higher than you can imagine.
    Olufolarin Adejinmi
    Black Seal Mall.
  • OO
    Omolara O Konga Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello All,
    We are aware of all your concerns on the case of unserious buyers, be assured that we are looking into this and will come up with a possible solution soonest. Please bear with us and try as much as possible to be lenient  while relating with your customers regardless of the situation.
  • AA
    Adeola A S
    Posted 3 years ago
    But was the Customer not blind, this is just the height. Konga wont listen to vendors, there are a lot of market places springing up, you need to get your acts together now. Imagine a customer placed an order for a shoe and we asked her 'when can we deliver' she said she is not sure. Imagine such statement, we tried delivering to another customer she left a tantalizer address, the delivery guy got there and she started shouting on the phone that we should cancel the order. Another incident the delivery guy went all the way to apapa deliver, she said she had cancelled the order.
    Konga should start charging them for delivery fee, if you know you  have paid some form of fee, You will be serious. 
  • OA
    Posted 3 years ago
    Thank You Omowunmi, that's a splendid idea which i strongly agree with. A lot of people hide behind the phrase or tradition of "CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT". I believe this only applies to reasonable and serious customers. To me he was just messing around because there are many other excuses he could have come up with like 
    * I don't have cash on me, i thought you were coming with POS
    * Its not the size i'd imagined from the picture displayed on konga.
    * He might even get away with it if he had said he didn't realize it was 25,000 (maybe 2500)
    Please Konga should come up with the recommended idea of customers getting reviewed as well.
  • OL
    Omowunmi L S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Konga needs to add a feature where sellers can also review buyers. That way we know that buyers with poor rating are time wasters.
  • OA
    Posted 3 years ago
    Thanks for the comment. I do understand your talking from a Konga's staff perspective. Believe me you will do worse if it was you. Leaving Ajao Estate all the way to Lekki Nicon Town Estate.wasted transport money and all. Then having the guts to tell me he ll sue me!!! PLEASE ON WHAT GROUND?
    Nonetheless, I've heard your say tho. PLEASE Konga should come up with a way to deal with customers like this.

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