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  • Customers Absolute Power

    Payment Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • JU
    Jerry U S
    It is said that "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely'' with the trend i've observed this few days i think its worth the need for konga to take swift action on this increasing anomaly.
    Although i know that its on the card for customer to make sum amount of payments in the future before order can be processed,Pleases that is the most urgent aspect that needs to be tackled.
    Customers can't just reject items they ordered,I called them and made it known that this calls are made so that they wont have to change their mind. They assured me that they need the item. But,now they've gotten another phone. Its just unfair. This needs to be seriously worked on. 
    I got a call from DHL after I wrote them, having observed the un-seriousness shown by a certain Sulaiman Hammanjoda who made two others(with two slightly different names) only to be told that he has more than 32 orders with them and he has never come forward to pick the items them up .
    Sir/Madam,if mr Hamanjoda have made any payment to process his order even if it is 100 naira(32 items=3200naira) i bet you he would have stopped this childish and demoralizing act.
    Please other marchants should take note. Orders from any Suleiman Hammanjoda from yola north in Adamawa(07060416086) should be disregarded and not be taken seriously.
    I also know that Konga has made attempts to block him,but names plenty pass fire wood.
    Jerry Uchendu


  • Adegboyega A B
    Posted 4 years ago
    He did to me too

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