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  • Correction of this Error is Urgent needed

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • GA
    Gafar A S
    Three Orders (F967056854001, F970507727002 and F858034710001) were submitted at a  time to K-express Abeokuta for shipping on 3/02/2016.
    Unfortunately, I just received a call from owner of F967056854001 that wrong items were delivered to her, with full description of the items delivered to her as that of F858034710001
    Please, from indication of what is happening now Order from Ikeja, Lagos (F967056854001) and the one from Ado-Ekiti (F858034710001) were mistakenly interchanged at K-Express center Abeokuta.
    Please help correct the anomaly as the one going to Ado-Ekiti has already left Ibadan center for Ado-Ekiti as at 8:54am of 5/02/2016 and I don’t want any return or dispute between me and customer
    Buyer at Ikeja is ready to change the one with her for her own. Please call her, Mrs Adek****, 0803373****
    Don’t allow delivery of wrong item to buyer at Ado-Ekiti, as that we lead to rejection and subsequently lost of customer and rank


  • GA
    Gafar A S
    Posted 3 years ago
    the mistake is from Konga express center. i wont be happy if i or any of customers get affected 

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