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  • Coming Soon: Changes To Our User Interface

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • Ebere O Ebere O B
    Dear Seller,
    Konga is pleased to introduce to you a new user interface for buyers and merchants, intended for a better buying experience. Here are some of the changes you will see soon:
    We’ve added new filter options for easier product discovery - Buyers can search with more options like phone OS, sim type, ram_gb, hard drive
    Also for fashion items, we’ve added options like fastening, leg width, heel height, heel type, color to the filter option
    We're also bringing you one step closer to your customer by displaying the store's phone number on the product page, so that customers can contact you easily. Please ensure you have your business number listed on your store, so that your customers have access to information
    All product images will still be displayed in the same left position, with arrows for customers to navigate to other images
    We have also gotten more social - customers can share links of your products with their friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and so can you!
    Store quality and history information has moved on up. Clicking “More Info” gives a drop down which shows the same information you have always had: store quality ratings and sales history.
    Buyers can now scroll over merchant’s product and click on merchant’s name 
    It then redirects to merchant’s store which shows buyers the merchant’s history
    Kindly visit our Seller Academy for more details - http://www.konga.com/featured-news-interface

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