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  • clarification on the mail " Maintaining Accurate Updates on Delivered Orders"

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • cs
    chika s B
    mail said "you are required to mark order as “Delivered” from your SellerHQ dashboard"
    there is no such icon on my shq dashboard pls explain
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  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Ose, 
    We are looking into your complaint. Thank you
  • OA
    Ose A B
    Posted 3 years ago
    I have been trying to update the self fulfil since 2 days to no available. I try updating my shipped orders to delivered and the status still remains in shipped. What is wrong?
  • TO
    Tolulope O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hi Chika,
    That requirement comes in when you do not use Kexpress. In other words, when you self fulfil. So if you ship via Kexpress, no need changing the status of orders yourself.
    If you ship via other channels, after you have shipped, you go to your "accepted orders" and click "ship order".
    Once it has been delivered, you go to your "shipped orders", identify the order that you delivered yourself and click "delivered".

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