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  • Can't delete a product from my store

    General Discussion Created 1 year ago | Updated 1 year ago
  • MI
    May I S
    I have a set of products on the store that we wish to delete. I attempted to do so but got an error message saying "Cannot Perform Action: CWK product cannot be deleted". Multiple attempts to do so still fail. We then tried to update the product to unmark it as 'to be fulfilled by Konga" and yet when I click the product it is still shown with this status. So it seems we cannot update the products on our store... Is this a browser issue (as in we should use a different browser rather than the Chrome browser being used) or is it an entirely different problem?
    Please help if you can.


  • tF
    teju F Konga Moderator
    Posted 1 year ago
    Hello May,
    You will not be able to delete an item that has been approved and currently warehoused with Konga. If the products have not been approved for warehousing, you should be able to delete such products.
    For products in your SHQ store, you can disable such items from your dashboard. For items you have dropped off at our warehouse and you want to retrieve, please send a mail to mall@konga.com with the Sku number and the Batch ID.
    Thank you.

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