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  • Can Customers pay Directly to Merchant Account?

    General Discussion Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • KD
    Kelvin D S
    I am currently a merchant on Konga...
    Currently my courier agents does not accept pay on Delivery for most states in Nigeria....
    So if i must accept orders from those areas, it has to be prepaid orders...
    1) I currently have some orders which are POD in the said states where payments cannot be recieved by my courier agents.... How do i proceed with these?
    2)Most customers prefer to Prepay for items as against the Pay on delivery, can i give Customers our Company account details to make payments before shipment?
    3) I see customers can make payments to you(Konga) and you keep funds in Escrow pending my(Merchant) delivery of item... Where i have orders over 1 million Naira, i cannot accept these orders to be kept in escrow as i have to pay my suppliers before they release items to me... HOW DO I PROCCED IN THIS CASE?
    So lets take for instance right now i have a good number of orders on my store and these orders total to over a Million Naira...
    If i have to accept these orders and cutomers pays to you guys it means i would have over a Million Naira in Escrow payable 2 days after customers recieves item(Take for instance customers recieves item in 7 days, you guys release funds in 2 days meaning i get my funds 9 days after accepting orders...
    My Questions
    4. If i have over 1 Million Naira in Escrow for just a One day order, with what funds do i do business in the next 9 Days?
    5. In a situation where i have to buy items from suppliers before shipping to customer, what funds do i buy items with if you have my Million Naira in escrow payable after 9 days?
    6. Knowing the kind of society we are in, if i can convenice customers to pa directly to my account, why then should i ask them to keep funds in escrow...
    Currently i have a good number of orders pending, i cant accept them yet if all the funds would be kept in escrow..


  • Kunle O S
    Posted 4 years ago
    @Kelvin, we encourage our Sellers to ensure they have product in stock.  If not, you'll run into scenarios such as this where Buyers will be disappointed.  
    I would expect that your courier service can get orders to other parts of Nigeria within 3 - 4 days.  
  • CO
    Chukwudubem O B
    Posted 4 years ago
    Hello Kelvin,
    These issues you have raised are based on trust. Now that you have a platform that encourages self fulfillment, You can actually reach an agreement with your customer.
    Money in your escrow belongs to you and will hit your Konga wallet as at when due and subsequently your bank account when you use the payout system.
    If you are selling from Lagos, you may want to consider the option of shipping through K-Express as the payment will be collected on your behalf. Or find your own means of shipping POD orders to your customers.
    Merchants outside Lagos are currently shipping POD orders and are getting paid. 
    Kindly send a mail to merchanteducation@konga.com for more clarifications
    Thank you

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