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  • Bring back our POD

    General Discussion Created 11 months ago | Updated 5 months ago
  • VU
    Victor U S
    Some might have welcomed the idea of prepayment only on konga, but I believe now that we have all seen that nigeria isn't ready for that kind of e-commerce. We live in a country where people are skeptical about putting their money online , this is not Europe or America.We must not do it cos they are doing it. Nigerians believe in paying for what they can see, hence the need for pay on delivery, yes it might cost a lot, but won't you rather spend 50m to make 70m than spend 1m to make 2m in the same space of time?
    Konga I think it's time you reconsider your position on pay on delivery. You can make it optional, let stores that want prepayment only have that option. As for me, I want pay on delivery back


  • E
    Emetebure S
    Posted 5 months ago
    That's nonsense, when these so called buyers, buy  from abroad they pay before receiving their goods. So many Nigerians buy from aliexpress.com. Aliexpress.com is pay before delivery. So why can't they do it in their own country. You say we must not do it because Europe and America are doing. Everything in Nigeria is imported from USA, China and UK and they do pay first before receiving goods. Nigeria needs to move with the times. Country is so backwards. If your a seller on eBay PayPal will tell you don't ship items on till you receive payment. Look what happened to the jumia delivery guy lost his life. If the buyer would have paid before delivery he would still be here today 

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