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    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • KM
    KOLAWOLE M Konga Moderator
    Dear Seller,
    As a leading marketplace offering a transparent trading platform, we continually seek better ways to keep shoppers coming back. Below are a few updates aimed at improving the quality of our marketplace which will take effect from July 31st 2015:
    45 DAYS MERCHANDISE PAYOUT GUARANTEE - We are working on a new inventory guarantee policy that will ensure that sellers that are not paid or goods not returned within 45 days will be automatically paid. This will be in line with the new K-Express charges that will be communicated duly.
    MEMBERSHIP FEES - Registered sellers on Konga will be required to pay a monthly membership fee of N2500. This is to improve the quality of the overall marketplace by filtering out less serious sellers and giving more store/product visibility to credible sellers to increase their overall sales.
    REDUCING PAY ON DELIVERY - We are working with banking partners to release a new escrow payment system that will make it easy for customers to prepay for items and this will be supported by discounts funded by Konga through commission charges received from sellers. Only customers that prepay for items will be entitled to these discounts. The banks we are working with to implement this are GTBank, Zenith, FCMB, Access, Diamond, First Bank, UBA, Ecobank and Heritage bank. 
    Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing regular updates regarding these changes to make sure you are well prepared.
    For more information, you can reach us on 01-4605555 and 0809 460 5555 or email us at mall@konga.com.
    Your Konga Mall Team
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  • KM
    KOLAWOLE M Konga Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago
    Dear Sellers,
    Thank you all for your feedback. We will consider all comments and communicate updates on the mentioned topics regularly.
    Good luck trading.
  • tF
    teju F Konga Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago
    Dear all,
    Thank you for all feedback received so far. We appreciate all concerns raised in rather constructive methods. 
    Non-serious sales on Konga platform refer to stores with 70%-80% recurring cancellation rate which is not due to buyer cancellation request(s), not accepting nor shipping orders within the stipulated time, and not responding to buyers requests via mail or phone call despite such stores being on active status on Konga website.
    If as a seller, you are yet to make any sale(s) on the Mall platform, this does not in any way qualify you as a less serious seller. What this change will mean is that only sellers with actual inventory and active performance will be able to sell on Konga. We are also currently working out a process that will help us identify less serious buyers on the platform and we will continue to seek out new ways to ensure that orders that come through to your store are genuine.
    We welcome suggestions on how best we can further serve you better through our dedicated suggestion box- suggestions@konga.com.
  • LL
    Posted 3 years ago
    KONGA! KONGA! KONGA! How many times did i call you? it is very lame to say you are charging monthly fee just to flush out unserious sellers.
    I expected Konga to say " we are charging monthly fees to help us serve the merchants better by 1. coming to pick up from merchants 2. enhancing kexpress delivery 3. to flush out UNSERIOUS BUYERS thus reduce number of returns etc.
    Personally Konga has been of great help to my business and i really do appreciate Konga for giving me the opportunity to grow my business, i wouldn't mind paying Konga any fees but please give me a better reason. 
    Thanks and Long Live Konga in prosperity. 
  • bj
    bukky j B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Adenike I totally agree with you, all this proposed  big changes has brought nothing but massive drop in sales and large migraine (lol).  
    Truth be told I think your business development unit needs to go back to the drawing board and get it right, don't try justifying this big changes based on other selling platform established in more organised society where things work, fashion out your platform uniquely to our environment and put in place measures that will be beneficial to buyers and sellers alike. You can't correct a mistake with another mistake guys, please stop all this big change announcements that has produced nothing but a downside in sales and get back to the basics. 
  • IE
    Izi E S
    Posted 3 years ago
    how do you rate an unserious seller? if I've been on konga for months and made no sale, does that make me an unserious seller?
    you say the monthly fee is to help show serious sellers right? If i make no sale, how do I make money to pay for the monthly fees? Or you expect that I'd just pay the fee because I want to prove my seriousness on your platform.
    Its looking like konga wants only big sellers and wants to remove others.
  • IO
    Ifeoma O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Team, I believe that big changes should always be accompanied by big outcomes. Since the last big change on Konga, I cannot say for my store that we have experienced any big outcome. If the changes made are not yielding expected outcomes, it is better to rollback rather than continue to make more changes. We may get to a point of no return if we continue this way. If I am to use my store's sales experience since the last  big change, I will say that Konga is having 90% reduction is sales and commission revenue! Who on earth changes a working system with one that hardly works?
    Please guys, I believe most of us cherish Konga platform more than the owners and would not want it to fail. I do not mind deploying my expertise free to Konga during my free time and I believe many sellers would want to do the same just to help everyone succeed. Anything that will make the platform succeed is a welcome idea but please enough of big changes for now!
  • GO
    Grace O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    @ Bret. Alibaba shouldn't be a basis for comparison at all. First of all Alibaba sells world wide while Konga is national. They can afford to pay so much besides Alibaba sells wholesales minimum of 100s, 500s etc. We on konga do not.
    Alibaba is based in china/ Japan where they have the raw materials and cheap labour. China is the world Centre for production of anything at low cost while most sellers on konga are importers either directly or indirectly as we all know Nigeria doesn't have  a manufacturing economy. The basis for comparison are wrong, hope the decision to charge fees wasn't based on that. 
  • GO
    Grace O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    I think konga hasn't thought this thing through, first of all you want to collect a membership fee of N2500/month. I haven't made any sales in about a month, recently had to reduce prices to boot sales, so from my low or non existed sales in the past few weeks I should pay N2500 but where's the money coming from. 
    You said unserious sellers, konga reserves the right to close any store after all there are stores you put on suspension, you can monitor the performance of all stores so pls don't use that as an excuse to collect rent. 
    You have increased the return days to 45days. Have you considered the condition of the items/ products in question after 45 days. Clothes may have been worn or items used then the buyer decides to return, who checks the condition of the returned items??????
    We are now salary earners that will have to wait 45days before getting paid. Have you considered the effect of that on our biz, that we don't have that much capital to turn over so more of our funds will be tied down.
    That's not good enough konga, think about your sellers . 
  • OL
    Oluwatosin L S
    Posted 3 years ago
    To be honest, if i have enough sales on the platform i would have no problem with the listing fee sought to be introduced. It's a standard practice on a lot of international market places, though not all. However, considering that with the new platform, sales have disappeared into thin air, i am not quite sure how this will positively impact my business. I need to think of how viable this new platform will be for me by the time i take so many things into consideration. My products are parred down price wise as much as i can. I don't know where or how to cushion the additional cost of the listing fee. 
    We will watch and see how it all comes out. It would be difficult to continue paying listing fees if we don't see orders from those listings.
  • Tersoo A S
    Posted 3 years ago
    No further comment from me!

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