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  • Beautiful Products/Services Always Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace - Part 2

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
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    teju F Konga Moderator
    No matter how crowded a place is, beautiful and unique people/products or services will always shine brightly. 
    Our tips on standing out in a crowded marketplace continues below. To catch up on the tips we have shared previously, click link- http://community.konga.com/thread/beautiful-productsservices-always-stand-out-in-a-crowded-marketplace-part-1
    6) SHIP SMART- Ship on time, Ship the right packages your buyers ordered, add personal thank you notes occasionally, include surprise small gifts within your buyers' packages once in awhile, offer periodic free shipping, deliver items earlier than your buyers’ expected, consider self fulfillment to help you get to know some of your buyers. 
    7) AVOID STORE SUSPENSION- At times, all it can take to lure your buyers to other competitors is your absence on the marketplace even if it's for a minute. Statistics have also shown that 35% of buyers that get to shop from other competitors never come back to your store. Ensure you ship on time, deliver the right products, avoid fraudulent sales and activities on the marketplace, source for authentic products and pay your invoice on commission charges on time. Consistency is an integral key towards achieving success.
    8) RESPOND TO FEEDBACK POSITIVELY- Negative feedback does not mean the end of the world for your online business. Feedback are just your buyers' ways of letting you know what the public think of your products and how you need to adjust/improve/upgrade to make more sales. Take them serious. Learn more about dealing with negative feedback here- 
    9) READ YOUR EMAILS & RESPOND THROUGH THE APPROPRIATE CHANNELS- Occasionally, we at Konga mall envisage some challenges you may face or are currently facing. Ensure you read mails sent from Konga Mall on time as these are key information we believe will help your business. We also encourage you to send all mails to the appropriate channels provided for you for faster resolution and to avoid having urgent mails from you overlooked. 
    In the end, look at Konga Marketplace as not just a sales avenue, but a marketing and promotion avenue. Create some valuable attention with your products, descriptions, photos, shipment rate and the 500,000+ buyers on Konga Mall will listen. 
    And Remember: If people can’t understand the differences between your product and that of your competitor, they’re going to choose based on the price. “If it’s all the same, why pay more!?

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