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  • Beautiful Products/Services Always Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace - Part 1

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
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    teju F Konga Moderator
    No matter how crowded a place is, beautiful and unique people/products or services will always shine brightly. 
    This also applies to Konga Marketplace. Top performing Konga sellers and the products they sell are already synonymous to success in the minds of many buyers. 
    Not sure how to stand out from the crowded marketplace with thousands of other high performing sellers? 
    Here's what our buyers need you to know:
    1) LEARN TO SELL TO ANYONE- Konga offers periodic online/physical training to get you started on the mall. Keep a date with us or visit our Seller Academy to learn the tricks of a successful e-commerce business.- http://www.konga.com/seller-learningtips
    2) KNOW WHAT TO SELL- Who are your target audience? What's the market saying? Do you want to sell what your market wants(electronics, high end products) or what they need(food, drinks, clothes etc)
    3) HOW TO SELL- Learn how to attract any buyer-passive or active; to visit your store AND shop for your items. Konga offers its merchants tips and tricks to achieving this on its Seller Academy website- http://www.konga.com/seller-training-centre
    4) UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF VISUALS- Statistics have shown that 85% of buyers are attracted to colors and pictures faster than they are to spoken or written words. Speak to your buyers through great images of your products. Read more- http://www.konga.com/learning-tab2-item17
    5) FEED YOUR BUYERS' MINDS- Powerful descriptions can make a business go from average to best. More information creates trust. The scary part about buying online is that you never know exactly what you are getting. Give more information about the product than they'd be able to get anywhere else. Higher percentage of negative feedback given to some sellers'products is attributed to poor and unclear product descriptions and lack of adequate information. Learn to speak to your buyer's intuition and imagination with your product description.
    7) OFFER LOW MARGIN PRODUCTS TO DRAW BUYERS IN- The trick here is to entice your buyer into your store with an attractively priced product. Large retail stores such as Walmart and Amazon use this tactic all the time to simply get buyers in the door. How many times have you walked into a particular store or visited a website, intending to purchase just one item but then leave with a whole cart full? This happens to us all the time! Let your buyers join the cart queue!
    To be cont'd....

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