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  • Arbitration, Who is the Judge, Judged and What are the Laws

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • CN
    Chike N B
    3 of my orders went into arbitration and my experience so far has been that the entire arbitration process leaves a lot to be desired. I'd really appreciate if other merchants can share there experience so we can drive positive change on the matter.
    Example One 
    A customer bought a "HDMI DVD Player" and complained that the "item is not as described" because it did not play Blu Ray. The item description did not mention that it plays Blu Ray. 
    Resolution: Konga directed the merchant to call the customer and resolve the matter, until the customer was happy, the funds will not be paid to the merchant. Please note that the customer bought a DVD player not a Blu Ray player.
    Example Two
    KExpress delivered the wrong item to the customer. 
    Resolution: Konga withheld the funds and directed  merchant to resolve the issue with customer, funds will not be released until customer is happy
    Example Three
    Customer order 2 items in one order, both items were dropped off(waybill confirms that) but only one item was delivered.
    Resolution: Konga withheld funds and directed  merchant to resolve the issue with customer, funds will not be released until customer is happy
    In my opinion the 3 issues could be blamed on (1)Customer (Wrong Expectation) (2) KExpress (3) Konga/KExpress, but in all the instances only the Merchant took the responsibility for every other person's fault.
    It appears the arbitration thing is a tool to blame every other person's fault on the merchant to ensure that the customer is happy even when they have unrealistic expectations. There is no clarity on the applicable policies, who is the judge and who is being judged.In any case Konga is always the umpire even in cases where they are involved (like in example 3) how can any objective resolution come out from such a process?
    What is your experience with arbitration? Please share.


  • AO
    Posted 3 years ago
    In my own stance, a customer ordered an outfit with a return policy stated as none. She ordered for XL and the description for US sizes was clearly stated.she now gets the item,tries it on an says it's too small,she goes to return in K-express location in kaduna, apparently an inexperienced staff collects it. Now ,they ask me to call the customer,to tell her what? Customers are really taking the POD and return policy for granted. Customer should be protected yes, but some sellers painstakingly take out time to describe their items ,thus we should not get returns in such cases, I wonder what will happen in the self fulfil era.

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