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  • All Your Questions Answered about K-Express & Other Shipping Carriers

    General Discussion Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • Ebere O Ebere O B
    QUE: Why have I not been able to drop off my orders with K-Express?
    ANS: We experienced some system downtime in the past few days but this has now been resolved.
    QUE: Can K-Express ship my orders outside Lagos?
    ANS: K-Express will ship orders everywhere in Nigeria.
    QUE: Can I drop off my orders outside Lagos?
    ANS: For now, K-Express would only accept orders in Lagos. A communication will be sent out if this changes. For now you may consider using other couriers (UPS, DHL, Courier Plus or any other carrier of your choice).
    QUE: Which K-Express center in Lagos currently accepts orders from Merchants?
    ANS: All K-Express locations in Lagos accept orders from Merchants.
    QUE: Will I need to pay for shipping when I drop off at K-Express centers?
    ANS: At the moment, you will not be required to pay for shipping upfront. However, your SHQ account would be charged.
    QUE: Does this mean shipping with K-Express is free?
    ANS:  Shipping with K-Express is not free but prices are at a subsidized rate.
    QUE: When will K-Express start receiving payment from Merchants at their drop off centers?
    ANS: K-Express will begin charging Merchants for shipping at the drop off centers after the 15th of May.
    QUE: What method of payment can I use to pay at any K-Express location when you start receiving payment?
    ANS: You can either pay cash or use your debit card.
    QUE: What if I was using the self-fulfil service but decide to go back to letting Konga deliver on my behalf?
    ANS: You now have complete freedom of choice in deciding which courier service to use to deliver your orders. Feel free to utilize any courier partners, and if you are not satisfied with their level of service, you can also use Konga Express delivery services, and pay for shipping. If you decide to ship your orders with one of our courier partners, you will be charged for shipping at the point of drop-off at the courier's location. If you decide to ship your orders with K-Express, your shipping charge will be deducted from the total price of the order instead.
    QUE: If I have any issues with K-Express, who can I complain to?
    ANS: For issues with K-Express please contact resolution@kexpress.ng or mall@konga.com
    QUE: Do I have to use K-Express as my shipping carrier?
    ANS: K-Express is set to default as your shipping service, however you can change this. There are a variety of carriers to choose from including the ability to deliver yourself (K-Express, Courier Plus, UPS, DHL, QUO, EMS).
    QUE: My shipping carrier is set to K-Express on my SellerHQ. How can I change this?
    ANS: You can change to your preferred courier service and manually set your delivery rates via your delivery settings from your SellerHQ.
    QUE: Which of your recommended carriers are willing to offer POD?
    ANS: Courier Plus, Chisco, & Chibyke Courier Services are willing to offer POD to selected merchants and cities. You can contact them to negotiate further and reach a beneficial agreement.
    QUE: Are there some carriers that will not offer POD?
    ANS: DHL, QUO and EMS will NOT be offering POD to merchants. Consider using other Konga courier partners for POD deliveries.
    QUE: Apart from K-Express, where are the locations of other recommended carriers in Lagos?  
    a)  14, Toyin Street, Ikeja
    b) 92, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere
    c) 300, Herbert Macaulay, Yaba
    d) Plot 1438, Sanusi Fafunwa Street, VI
    e) Eleganza Plaza, Apapa
    f)  95, Awolowo Way, Ikoyi
    g) 139, Broad Street, Lagos.
    a) Post Office, Agege. 07041321910
    b) Apapa Post Office. 08033533932
    c) General Post Office Festac. 08035383290
    d) Ikeja General Post Office, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja. 08033247398,01-4334255
    e) General Post Office Marina, 
    f) Shomolu Post Office Building. 087023004922
    a) 1A, Olabode Street, Ajao Estate, Off MM International Airport Road, Lagos. 08143162897
    b) 3A, Simbiat Abiola Street, Ikeja, Lagos. 08163781142
    c) 60, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. 08163781325
    d) Marigold Travel Agency Limited 3/5, Adeyemo Alakija Street, Victoria Island. 07037962202, 08028175765
    e) 5, Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. 08145863785
    f) 84, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, Lagos. 08154523906, 08063185829
    g) Maku Oyogoa House 109, Awolowo Road by Lagos Polo Club, South West Ikoyi, Lagos.
    All other shipping partners outside Lagos will be communicated duly on our various information platforms.

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