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  • All You Need to Know About the New SellerHQ & Self-Fulfil

    General Discussion Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • Ebere O Ebere O B
    With the launch of Self-Fulfil and improvements made to the SellerHQ, it is important that we keep you well informed on all changes that will be having any impact on your store. Please be assured that all raised concerns, questions and suggestions have been duly noted. Consider the points listed below as a summary of the latest improvements to Konga Mall with respect to Self-Fulfil and the new SellerHQ. 
    1) K-Express experienced a few technological hitches in the past few days but this has been resolved now. You may walk into any of our locations and drop off your orders.
    2) Effective immediately, you will be required to pay for shipping costs of your orders at your preferred courier services drop off centers. (DHL, EMS, UPS, QUO, CourierPlus, or any other carrier of your choice) NOTE that this does not apply to K-Express until May 15th 2015.
    3) Free Shipping is no longer available on K-Express, however K-Express will not be accepting cash for all dropped off orders until May 15th, 2015. For prepaid orders, your shipping costs will be deducted from your sales proceeds minus commissions before being transferred to your wallet. For instance, a product costs N15,000 and the shipping fee is N1,000. When a customer prepays N16,000 to Konga, on delivery of such order, K-Express deducts N1,000 and Konga deducts the commission. The remaining balance will then be paid to you.  
    4) From May 15th,2015, you will be required to pay for shipping at the point of drop off at all K-Express locations. This means shipping fee will not be deducted from your sales proceed and only commissions will be deducted. For POD orders, you will be required to negotiate with your preferred carriers directly and come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.
    5) Until May 15th 2015 when K-Express starts to receive payment for orders at the drop off centers,  note that for prepaid orders, we will be deducting ONLY the K-Express rates from Merchants' orders irrespective of value set by Merchant. This means if a merchant sets N750 as shipping charge for a Lagos-Lagos order, deduction will only be made on the actual K-Express rate of N500 from the Merchant's payment.
    6) From the new SellerHQ, you are required to mark your orders as shipped whenever you have shipped these orders. You are also required to do the same when the order has been delivered by your shipping carrier. Also ensure you contact your buyer to mark as delivered when they have confirmed receipt of such order and also request that they rate your store based on order(s) and services received.
    7)  Ensure you confirm the accuracy of weights of your products (in kg) that are live on site to ensure your new shipping charges do not impact negatively on your sales. If you set an incorrect weight for your items, it will increase or decrease your shipping costs and a high shipping cost will discourage prospective buyers while a low shipping cost may cause your store to run at a loss. You can check the carton or the pack your item comes in to confirm the weight if you are unsure.
    8) Shipping Costs are NON-REFUNDABLE. To reduce the risk of returns, consider reaching out to your buyers before shipping to confirm their interests and also notify them on how long it may take to receive their packages after confirmation of estimated time of delivery from your carrier.
    9) For now, K-Express will be providing packaging materials for you at their respective locations when dropping off your orders. This is however subject to availability.
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  • Bret E Konga Moderator
    Posted 4 years ago
    @Tayo, KExpress - as a courier, will not charge you for return items. 
    PLEASE UNDERSTAND, that this is the ONLY courier company that does this in Nigeria. I do not wish to be condescending but must be honest with you. What KExpress is doing is not standard practice and they may chose to change policies in future. 
    THE ONLY REASON KExpress is doing this is because we know that high returns are the child of a broken payment system. When there is no "Pay on Delivery" and the "Payments Problem" is solved, returns will normalise to international levels. Till then, KExpress will continue to lose by returning your items. 
    Trust us, the logistics of returns is not an easy one and no one enjoys it - least of all KExpress. Its expensive, tedious and even the people you serve don't appreciate the effort to take an item across the country and work hard to bring it back as fast as possible and safely. No other courier company has to deal with this because they don't accept Pay on Delivery. 
    Payments is the cause of a lot of problems and Konga is waiting for industry leaders to fix it. However, our patience is running out because of the problems its causing sellers like you. 
    We are working on a solution to end the payments problem which will end return problems (and many other problems)
  • tF
    teju F Konga Moderator
    Posted 4 years ago
    Hello all,
    Thank you all for your suggestions and feedback regarding the self-fulfil service. We understand your concerns and we will consider all suggestions and a detailed communication will be shared accordingly.
  • FO
    Folake O B
    Posted 4 years ago
    @ebere one moderator says the shipping is on successful delivery  now u r saying if it wasn't delivered the merchant bears the cost I don't understand you people again I had wrapped my head around paying for the successful deliveries but all deliveries no way that is  going to fly k express delivery timeline is TERRIBLE it takes 2 weeks or 3weeks or they just keep it in their warehouse for no reason and then the customers doesn't want again after almost a month and I lose that shipping charge ontop something not delivered, that is a messy situation . Konga should have a straight to the top button so we can talk to those at the top unless they don't really care about their customers all they want is to exploit their merchants, although the new self fulfill is annoying and terribly bad for business I can wrap my head around it a lil but paying for unsuccessful delivery no way you people can hold on to ur site 
  • CJ
    Chidozie J S
    Posted 4 years ago
    Konga clearly don't think they should treat merchants like their customers. They're not listening to our plight.  they're only concerned about their buyers.  we're watching 
  • DO
    Damilare O S
    Posted 4 years ago
    First of all, I have to say that while making changes to a system is not necessarily a bad thing, Konga fails to disseminate clear and concise information - and that is a bad thing!. I am yet to come across a merchant who totally understands this new self-fulfill thing.
     Yestersay, i made my selection of the states i intend to ship to, changed my preferences regarding POD and set my shipping rates. Behold, today, i found that everything has again be reset to the way it was before the introduction of Self Fulfill. All states were checked and the former shipping rates set. Its just CONFUSING! If Konga has reversed the self fulfill policy, we should be informed ASAP.
    Now, if we are to go ahead with this self fulfill policy, can someone please let me know the official areas Konga Express ships to and their respective shipping rate. (The information was available on SHQ yesterday but now its gone! I searched through the KExpress website and alas its not there)
  • TF
    Tolulope F S
    Posted 4 years ago
    I am not one to get confused quite easily but I will be honest with you guys, I am totally perplexed.
    Not only with the whole Self Fulfilment thing but rather the varying information being given out by Konga in this regard.
    I've been on the community forum everyday since the launch and as at yesterday, I was of the opinion that -
    1. With K-Express, a merchant will need to pay for shipping at the drop off centre (from 15th May)
    2. If the delivery is unsuccessful or rejected, the merchant forfeits the delivery fee
    3. If the delivery is successful, the merchant gets paid for their item(s) and K-Express keeps their delivery fee
    Has this changed since yesterday?
    The reason I ask is this- Ms Teju (the moderator on this post) said "merchants will be required to pay for shipping costs for ONLY successful deliveries. This means failed deliveries and rejected deliveries will not be charged from merchants' sales proceeds."
    Kindly simplify this for me as if I were a 3 year old.
    Take for example a delivery done by K-Express for a POD order in Lagos.
    If the delivery is successful, that means the customer RECEIVED item and PAID for the item + shipping (unless the merchant gave free delivery)
    Now, when Konga remits payment to the merchant, they do for the cost of the item less their commissions.
    So, at what point are  "merchants will be required to pay for shipping costs for ONLY successful deliveries"?
  • Dumebi O S
    Posted 4 years ago
    Hi Teju, thanks for confirming your identity :-)
    You're still missing the point! Or maybe you're not and Konga isn't concerned with this gaping hole. And that's ok too, we merchants will take whatever action we deem fit to survive and succeed.
    But I shall take another stab at explaining, negotiating, requesting...
    In order not to cross-post, as I believe that's against Forum code of conduct, pretty please read my lengthy explanation(s) in this thread - http://community.konga.com/thread/new-shq-ought-to-allow-option-for-buyers-pay-for-delivery-before-item-gets-to-them
    In my humble opinion, Konga needs to protect us merchants especially with regards to this shipping matter. We are your customers too! If Self-Fulfil is truly to empower and release merchants then this upfront non-refundable shipping cost (Pre-Pay or PoD) needs to be initiated. Otherwise you hold us to ransom in that our only option will be to use K-Express; and that defeats the purpose of Self-Fulfil. 
    Or we deliver personally (which is impossible for some of us) and even that remains at our expense if the buyer doesn't buy.
    K-Express may jolly well be happy not to charge us for unsuccessful deliveries but no other courier will be as jolly.
    If Konga does not want to upset their buyers by introducing this, then allow each merchant to insist on, implement and enforce this if we want to. If a buyer is not happy with that policy, then  they don't have to buy from merchants with said policy!
    It will take a while for buyer profiles to be populated and hold substance. What about new buyers to the platform? And lets be honest, we can rate all we want and establish 'buyer seriousness' but there's still an element of risk with every single order that goes out. The buyer still has the prerogative to change their mind when they see the product.
    Ok, we decide not to ship because we deem the buyer unserious. The order gets cancelled. In this current dispensation, 3 cancellations and you're suspended. Initiate yet another process to get your store un-suspended.
    This is not old-school-door-to-door peddling where one goes a-knocking and has no guarantees. This is a market place. We the sellers provide the goods. The buyers 'come' and buy; if they want us to bring the goods to them, then they have to pay us to 'come' and sell. 
    If a seller comes to me in Yaba market and buys from me, I will not turn around and give them transport money. If they decide not to buy from me or anyone else in Yaba market, none of the traders will turn around and give them transport money unless they beg or tell one of those many stories that touch (genuine or otherwise).
    Delivery cost (to the end consumer) is a basic fundamental customer/buyer right and responsibility. 
    If a seller decides to absolve a customer/buyer of said delivery cost, that is a privilege not a right. And it is up to each seller to decide how and when to extend that privilege if they can.
    I really don't know how else to explain!
  • tF
    teju F Konga Moderator
    Posted 4 years ago
    Hello Dumebi,
    You found me! I am a staff of Konga and also the same lady in the training videos.
    Having considered all raised concerns and questions regarding K-Express shipping charges on returned deliveries,  merchants will be required to pay for shipping costs for ONLY successful deliveries. This means failed deliveries and rejected deliveries will not be charged from merchants' sales proceeds. 
    However, for other shipping carriers of your choice, you will be required to pay for shipping costs at the drop off locations before delivery is attempted or you can negotiate with your selected carrier accordingly.
    We advise that you use the buyer profile on your order notification to also "rate" your buyers and determine their "buying seriousness" from past purchasing activities and use that to decide whether to ship such orders or not. You can also contact your buyers before shipping to confirm whether they are still interested in your products. 
  • Dumebi O S
    Posted 4 years ago
    Before I go and put my store on indefinite vacation...
    @Teju F - I don't know everyone at Konga and your profile doesn't say Konga Moderator like Ebere O's does so please verify that you're Konga staff (my guess is you're the same lady from the training videos but I need to be sure) and that your response is Konga's current stance on this shipping matter. 
    (I say 'current stance' because I'm hoping there's still room for negotiation on this crucial point)
  • Dumebi O S
    Posted 4 years ago
    @Teju F - wait...what?
    "For K-Express and other partnered shipping carriers, if a buyer rejects an item at the point of delivery whether prepaid or POD, you will bear the cost as a merchant."
    You...as in us merchants?
    Like really? K-Express could not survive using that system and you want us merchants to imbibe that? How? Why? So please, what exactly is the buyer doing as in what is their responsibility? What part do they play in making e-commerce a success in Naija?
    Konga! If this is not an issue you're happy to revisit and amend then it's a sure fire-merchants be walking deal breaker! Like seriously!
    As in, I've seen numerous posts from merchants trying to explain why and how this will be suicide for any business let alone small, side-hustle merchants like us and still you guys post something like that?
    Something is most definitely being lost in translation!

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